By Hans Ebert

SaSa Ladies Day was a strange little meeting. Not bad. But just somehow the pieces didn’t seem to fit. It made kinda strange viewing. And whoever is handling the HKJC’s Twitter feed these days adds to the goofiness of it all.

Of course, though much was made of the “sibling rivalry” and some Cain and Abel type competition between brothers Time Warp and Glorious Forever in the big Cup race, Big Brother put the younger of the two in place.

Towards the back of the field, the erstwhile Pakistan Star was either roaring with laughter watching what was unfolding before him, or had simply decided that he didn’t want to race. And the more concerned jockey Karis Teetan got trying to get the enigmatic one to become a team player and not a party pooper, Pakistan Star simply didn’t want to play.

Maybe he needs over 2000 metres before he chills out and decides that he wants to be a racehorse. Either that or else he’s just had enough.

Frankly, he’s never ever looked comfortable in any of his races this season. What? Back to a few more trials? Don’t bother. One didn’t need to be a mind reader to know what he was saying.

As for the equine Brothers Karamazof at the head of proceedings, Time Warp, who was sent out at 14 to 1 after a number of runs which seemed to suggest that his best days were behind him, well, he seemed to toy with his younger bro- the $1.60 favourite in the race.

While Zac Purton exuded his usual aloofness and downright cool, young Chad Schofield on Glorious Forever seemed aghast that Time Warp just kept running and running and running. He was like the Ever Ready Energizer bunny.

Owner Martin Siu seemed so surprised at the result that he seemed dazed and confused. Just for a minute, his knees seemed to buckle. His family had three of the nine runners in the field.

Getting back to the race, while the rest of the runners behaved, Pakistan Star was putting on his own show. It made Karis Teetan look like Mr Bean.

If this wasn’t enough of a sideshow, there was the presentation ceremony.

Mercifully one was spared having the Hong Kong Police Marching Band blast out something like a brassy instrumental version of the Beyoncé hit “Single Ladies”. But at least what us television audiences heard was some gentle elevator Muzak. It sounded like Paul Mauriat.

There were a helluva lot of presentations. Zac Purton presented various bouquets of flowers to Miss SaSa and two other females. He kissed each of them on both sides of their cheeks. Over and over and over again. One can only suppose they represented the winning connections and sponsor. He then posed with a makeup kit.

Nicole Purton stood on the side with the daughter of winning trainer Tony Cruz who shuffled about as if trying to understand what the hell was going on. Especially when it looked like he was handed some Lindt chocolates. Everyone smiled. Tony looked in pain.

He was then handed a humongous cup by Mrs SaSa Eleanor Kwok who wore a hat larger than the cup. Tony’s cup runneth over. Martin Siu has great hair. He’s pictured holding a mini satellite dish.

Zac Purton then posed with a lovely purse. It was nice.

And then it was all over and the circus dispersed.

What did I get out of it all? Zac Purton probably had chapped lips after all that kissing. And Miss SaSa was very tall. It was as if she was Gulliver and had found herself in Lilliput.

It was quite an extraordinary few minutes.

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