Thought I saw George Lucas
sitting at the bar
But a good red can make one
Go a little too far
About romance and love
and Que Sera Sera
About what maybe can bring us
together again
And a different looking
wishing star

Wait I’m just dreaming
Nothing can be the same again
We’re double parked
on life’s parked one way lane
Crosstown traffic has slowed us down
All that sharing and engagement
It’s just another merry go round

Stop the world I wanna get off
Progress is moving
Too slow for me
Leaving me juggling
just another ball
Faking me admitting
I’ve not hit another brick wall

Pink Floyd sang about it long ago
Warned about where we shouldn’t go
White rabbits and asylum seekers
The Madcap still laughs
As we embrace Greta van Fleeters
We take everything
But don’t know what we want
No idea about hip from hype
Is there a new avant garde?

Or are we just washing windows
When it’s getting too dark to see?
The difference between Billy The Kid
And sheriff Pat Garrett and his deputies?

We’re pilled and thrilled
But there’s nothing there
Old Mother Hubbard left that
cupboard bare
And so we go on another
fishing expedition
with clowns and charlatans
and wars of attrition
All we’re doing is
wearing ourselves down
Looking in the mirror
And seeing no one else around

Selfishness has become
Another one act play
Something’s got lost
Along that information highway
Too much clutter
Rattling in the brain
Need some sunshine
Don’t need more rain

Checking out not checking in
Trying to find another
Gungha Din
Gave one a bracelet
And became Lord Of The Ring
Let’s see what tomorrow brings
But don’t expect much change…..