By Hans Ebert

Douglas Whyte rode his 1800th winner in Hong Kong on Sunday. The name of the horse: Good Omen. The ride was vintage Whyte. Second last for much of the journey. Watching everything in front of him unfold. Then, with perfect timing, taking Good Omen out wide. Gathering in the leaders. Never resorting to the persuader. Riding the gelding to the line. Hard held. Easing it down. Made it look so easy.

Good Omen. His 1800th winner. What an incredible accomplishment. What a great Feel Good story. Good Omen. Trained by one of his main support systems during those Whyte Years. Dennis Yip.

Thirteen consecutive Hong Kong Jockey Premierships. Those are accomplishments that won’t come close to being emulated. It’s Mission: Possible.

Everything that can be written about Douglas Whyte has been written. The consummate professional. The fierce determination. The mentor.

The family man.

The great horseman. Always learning.

Always hungry to win.

What’s there more to say? Well maybe to SING about the man nicknamed the Durban Demon. Why not?

It’s always good to break with tradition. Create new excitement. Perhaps even bring something new to horse racing in the process. A break, for example, from those tedious presentation ceremonies. Sorry, just nodded off.

Getting back to Douglas Whyte, here’s a Spotify Playlist for him. It’s something for the man who has everything. Who doesn’t need to ride. But does because he was born to ride. Born to ride winners. And born to be one. A winner.

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