By Hans Ebert

The “best” of anything is something personal. Especially when it comes to friendship. No two friendships are the same. They go off in different tangents. And meet up somewhere else.

Songs kinda help to understand this. Make some sense of it. These often highly personal songs. Even the mawkish ones.

In this world of supposed sharing and engagement, here’s my list. For whatever reason. Your list? That’s in your head. But mainly in your heart.

Sometimes it needs to be heard. Aired. There’s always a healing process hiding in there. Even though you might have to cut yourself open to find out.

That’s What Friends Are For: Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder.

Everybody’s Talkin’: Nilsson

You’ve Got A Friend: James Taylor and Carole King

Big Yellow Taxi: Joni Mitchell

Dear Friend: Paul McCartney

Father And Son: Cat Stevens

Empty Garden: Elton John (Hey Hey, Johnny)

All I Know: Art Garfunkel (from Nip/Tuck)

Tiny Dancer: Elton John (From “Almost Famous”)

Wonderwall: Ryan Adams

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