By Hans Ebert

Something is wrong. Very wrong. It sounds like a murder of crows out there. But they’re the sounds of silence. The noise is emanating from the online world. You know, the one divorced from reality. The one with very little sense of humour. Or no humour. And where extremely angry people have an opinion about everything. Politics. Music. Hashtag movements. And of course, sports. Everyone is unfair game.

This online world is where anything goes. It’s a dysfunctional world that hides behind Freedom of Expression. And Freedom of Speech. But what exactly does this mean? And what are its side effects?

Some of us know. We’ve gone through it. Or are going through it. Mental fatigue. And there’s always a breaking point. Wonder why there’s so much mayhem these days? Everywhere? These almost random acts of violence?

Think of all the sudden and very early deaths of some of the greatest young talents in music. The breakdowns suffered by athletes and sports stars. By everyday people. Why? Criticism from almost criminal minds. Cyber bullying is mentioned a great deal. But what’s been done to eradicate it?

There’s then the constant barrage of information. We’re on information overload. And about the most insignificant things. Many inhale all this. Take on every ill afflicting the world. Priorities are in the Lost and Lost. They’ve been washed out to sea.

Someone recently asked what would have happened to the Beatles if social media was around. The Beatles aside, Dylan, Doors, Hendrix and every iconic musician would probably never have happened. But they did. Because everything they created came from the right place. It was real. For many of us, their music is the soundtracks to our lives.

Today? Today, John Lennon would probably have not had many “Likes”. The far Right would have crippled him. And the zealots. Imagine listening to his “Imagine” today. Or “Woman Is A Nigger Of The World.” Or “Mother”.

Same with Dylan. The Stones. Hendrix. Cream. Led Zeppelin. The Who. The Kinks. They would have never have been allowed to become what they became. Why? Compromises. Trying to please those on social media busy trying to force their views onto others.

This creates a lack of self confidence. Lethargy. Robs people of the energy to create. To do something useful with their lives. Perhaps because their lives are so bereft of everything. There’s only that tsunami of anger. Anger aimed at destroying everything in sight. Anger because of all that useless everything that’s been inhaled. It’s created internal combustion.

What’s the solution. Switch off. Change whatever might be that daily schedule that starts off with checking your iPhone. And which leads to Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. And seduces you so that you’re in their arms for hours. What have you achieved by 4pm? Not a helluva lot. Except for perhaps anger. Or sadness. And the usual lethargy.

Switch off. Rediscover the real world. There’s a lot of good and positivity out there. Really. Keep it real has a whole new meaning.

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