By Hans Ebert

One can’t categorise Jennifer Palor. She sings songs. All types of songs. But what makes her special is that she interprets them in her own style. And what’s her style? It cannot be defined. It’s what makes her unique and the most in-demand songstress in Hong Kong. She’s also no pushover.

There’s the onstage Jennifer Palor. And there’s the extremely professional singer who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She can easily handle not just being a female in an often male dominated industry, but taking control and winning the respect of everyone. She’s no one’s fool. She’s her person. She also knows how to have fun. And win.

She’s also business savvy and able to balance career opportunities with her love for music. All types of music. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own style. It’s about being able to read her audience.

It’s been a long journey for a girl discovered in Manila and who came out to Hong Kong to perform at the Champagne Bar of the Grand Hyatt hotel, the most popular hotel lounge at that time. Everyone has to start somewhere.

This somewhere has taken her everywhere, musically. But with still so many other destinations to discover. And it’s happening.

Those who have seen her perform at Adrenaline, the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s popular venue at Happy Valley racecourse every Happy Wednesday, become instant fans. Especially those visitors to Hong Kong. But also leading jockeys like Zac Purton. Douglas Whyte. Karis Teetan. Joao Moreira. The CEO of the HKJC.

It’s been four years since she’s become the regular act at Adrenaline. And it’s been four years of constant involvement. Improvement. Same goes for the venue. It’s where everyone can be themselves. There’s no need to stand on ceremony. Buffoons not invited. No place for bollocks.

Today, Adrenaline is booked solid two weeks in advance. The audience are anywhere between 26 to 56. From one song performed ‘live’ between races, it’s now grown to three. And then an extra hour of ‘live’ music after the last race has been run and won.

There’s then the band. Hand picked by Jennifer. Five of the best musicians in town. The tightest band in Hong Kong who get together to perform exclusively at Adrenaline. Jay, Kel, drummer Toby, below. Adriel and Kerwin.

They’re family. And it shows onstage. And off. It’s a happy band. And this vibe is infectious.

Calling the shots, but giving the other members the room to shine, is Jennifer Palor. Like the other main singer in the band. Kel. He continues to get better and better. He’s a star in the making.

Jennifer Palor is not a diva. She’s confident. An extremely good singer doing what she loves to do. Sing. And with more and more, recording original material written exclusively for her, the musical journey continues.

Where will it end? How long is a ball of string? She’s a very special person. In many ways.

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