It’s a very competitive meeting with some interesting young gallopers, all sprinters, racing this evening- the last of three oompah pah pah Happy Wednesday Oktoberfest nights.

There’ll also be the usual tussle for riding honours. After his superb quintet of winners on Sunday, Karis Teetan is now three behind Jockey Championship leader Zac Purton. One can expect both riders to be in the thick of things. But we’ll be mainly following the young guns- Victor C Wong, Matthew Poon, Dylan Mo and Jack HW Wong. All are much in demand while they can still ride claiming their invaluable weight allowances. And they’re delivering.

This could also be a good night for Iron Man aka Neil Callan. He has a number of decent rides.

With most of the races tonight being sprints expect some charges of the light- and very light- brigades.

It all gets interesting after the first two races. What about the first two races? Lacklustre affairs and not really worth bothering about except perhaps watching how the track is riding. Or check out the Beer Garden and make friends with some fräuleins who don’t have to be German.

Also on show and onstage will be acts flown in from Munich to make ziss a really authentic Oktoberfest. Ja, baby!


Happy Sebring (3)
King Of Mongolia (1)
King’s Man (4)
Happy Rocky (8)


Otouto (2)
Regency Star (3)
The Show (7)
Noble De Boy (1)


We’ve said it soooooo many times that even we’re getting tired of saying it, but for whatever reasons, our stats show that the favourite in this race- the first leg of the Six Up- very very seldom wins. Why? Who knows which way the wind blows?

All we can do is only offer up our top four picks. On course and relaxing at Adrenaline, we’ll probably take the entire field in our Six Ups and just hope to hell that the rest of the legs come in. The payout could have more value than some of our more professional racing gurus think. To most of them tonight is going to be for those who back the favourites. We don’t think so. The last three races look fraught with booby traps. Beware, munchens!

With this being the last of the Oktoberfest nights, we’ll keep an eye out for a different type of boobies.

Starlit Knight (5)
Universal Go Go (3)
Letsgofree (9)
All You Need (4)


Mr Right (2)
Victory Power (5)
Multimax (12)
Dashing Gainer (1)


Applause (12)
Bingo (7)
Open House (10)
Blitzing (8)


Fairy Twins (2)
Double Valentine (8)
My Chance (10)
Jade Theatre (4)


Gunnison (3)
Baltic Whisper (2)
Moment Of Power (7)
Keep Moving (6)


Probably one of the toughest races on the card. One name amongst the runners that screams out to us is Everest.

Of course, this means nothing to Hong Kong race goers. But in the land Down Under aka Australia, Everest is a race that will be run on Saturday in Sydney and which has been the talk of the town. And not exactly for all the right reasons.

Much ado about nothing? Hmmmm. Despite all the hype and smoke and mirrors and slots and barrier draws and senile shock jocks with vested interests in the race through the Old Boys Club getting in on the act and protesters about something or another, it’s meaningless to us here. Unless of course one believes in omen bets and takes Everest to win. It might be the only time anything with Everest in its name is relevant to Happy Wednesday fans. Or is a winner.

Don’t Miss (1)
Planet Star (12)
Right Honourable (9)
Good Beauty (7)

Race 1
Happy Sebring (3)

Race 5
Applause (12)

Race 3
Universal Go Go (3)