By Hans Ebert

It might have answered the question about who’s really in charge. And it’s not Charles. Winx winning the Turnbull Stakes on Saturday was not just a Houdini act. It was an extraordinary horse showing off. Playing. Toying with everyone. Probably exploring new ways of winning.

Who knows what’s going through her mind? Now that she’s done it all and more, and with nothing else to prove, one can only assume that she’s decided to expand her repertoire.

That evening over dinner someone mentioned how Winx winning is starting to lose its gloss. That she’s beating competition that offers none. And the usual one: How she needs to travel overseas to prove herself. All this perilously came close to ending our dinner prematurely.

If the owner would I take the risk of taking Winx overseas? For what? Because a handful of doubters say so? Please. Who’s there anywhere who can beat Winx? There is none. Getting tired of watching Winx win? Not after her incredible win in the Turnbull.

Frankly, the smart trainers are probably using their runners to race against Winx almost as some form of an experiment. To learn something.

Of course, financially, even losing to Winx can have owners on the winning side of the ledger.

So what we now have is this wonderful galloper who’s been one of the biggest game changers in horse racing. Much more than any overpaid and usually clueless racing executive. Much more than any gimmick horse race with its serial bully boys and that’s lost all sense of dignity.

Owning all types of memorabilia and paintings of the Lady and her team, what’s missing is a photo of Winx, Chautauqua and Pakistan Star. A different take to the Three Amigos. And the Three Musketeers.

Now that would be something- a photograph, a painting- worth owning. Along with all the memories of the truly mighty mare.

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