15 AUG, 2018

Melbourne based producer, arranger and songwriter Trevor Carter, below, was explaining the starting point in the evolvement of the HKJC’s Happy Wednesday brand- the music.

“Hans (Ebert) knows Hong Kong, the image of Happy Wednesday, and having worked as Executive Director for Universal and EMI Music, knows what will work as its theme song,” he says. “For the new racing season, he wanted something with a very hooky chorus- instantly memorable- and this is what we set out to achieve by ping ponging ideas between Hong Kong and Melbourne.”

The result is “It’s Another Happy Wednesday”, the sixth original Happy Wednesday theme song and the third written for the Hong Kong Jockey Club brand by the team of Carter and Ebert.

A new video production house- Rolling Productions- was given the task of giving the music track a special look based around the very dance oriented concept. A choreographer and six dancers were the “glue” featured throughout the four minute music video.

The editing process was the most time consuming as there were the usual Do’s and Don’ts. There were many hours of editing and re-editing and picking the best footage available.

There was the filming of interviews with Happy Wednesday regulars- champion jockey Zac Purton, Hannah Butler, host of the Fashionistas segment, and Jordie Guzman from Carnivale, the resident Latino band at the Beer Garden, all pictured below.

Purton, who has appeared in a number of Happy Wednesday videos says this is the best. “They really nailed it. It’s hard to think of it being better.” Jordie Guzman agrees: “It’s outstanding.”

With the Happy Wednesday team looking at new delivery platforms to give this new theme song and accompanying music video maximum exposure, Ebert, below with award winning actor Tony Leung and friends, has already moved on to how else the brand can evolve.

He’s thinking of perhaps having a dedicated online Happy Wednesday lifestyle and entertainment channel.

Wondering what it might be like to have master illusionist David Blaine film a television special during a Happy Wednesday night.

Inviting Lewis Hamilton to take in a Happy Wednesday night and bring two different kinds of horsepower together.

He’s also been working on new music for Jennifer Palor and Kel Segovia, resident singers at Adrenaline, plus original tracks to promote jockeys Zac Purton, Karis Teetan, Derek Leung, Douglas Whyte and Hong Kong’s Most Popular Horse Pakistan Star.

“It’s taken us around five years to get here,” he says. “The challenge is to ensure that the Happy Wednesday brand be more than it is as everything today changes in a nanu second. People have plenty of choices out there, and we want to keep topping this list of choices”.

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