Yes, it’s probably hard for some to believe, but there are actually hundreds of thousands of people who know absolutely nothing about horse racing, especially how to participate in the game. And how to win by participating. It’s not top of the mind awareness to them. It’s not a priority.

We’ll be doing our best next season with help from our Happy Wednesday regulars to help change some of this. At least TRY and change a few misconceptions and share what some might find interesting.

Of course, we totally understand that many don’t wish to know how to read the totalisator.

How many times have we been asked, “What’s that big coloured thing that looks like the spaceship which took E.T home?”

Try to explain how it all works and we’re greeted by yawns and the stop sign along with the words, “Not interested. Who’s going to win?”

If only life was so simple. If only life was like one of the sequels of “Back To The Future” where Biff, below, got his hands on tomorrow’s sports results today and went on a winning spree.

Happy Wednesday regulars come to Happy Valley racecourse to enjoy themselves. Not to attend The School Of The Punt and listen to Old School blah blahs.

Most are there to be entertained at the most popular club in Hong Kong that includes the Beer Garden and Adrenaline- and win by following their own ways of picking winners. Like thinking a horse smiled at them. Or liking a jockey’s face. Or going with lucky numbers and lucky colours.

We’ll never forget our friend who won a HK$1.8 million Six Up last season by taking 80 to 1 shot Multivictory one out in her selections. Why? She had met trainer Tony Cruz, found him charming and, while looking at the race card decided to invest HK$360 on a Six Up. When it came to one particular race she called out, “Baby, is A.S Cruz Tony Cruz?” “Yeah” was the reply. And so she bet on Multimax thinking that A.S Cruz aka Tony Cruz was the jockey and not the trainer.

The jockey was the rather unsuccessful local rider Alvin Ng. On this particular day, Alvin Ng bounced the noted front runner to, well, the front, and the galloper led all the way home and win the Chevalier Cup.

“That doesn’t look like Tony?” are words still echoing in our ears after she watched Multivictory in the winner’s circle. “Why is Tony standing next to the horse and wearing a suit?” And with a Bluetooth in his ear.

It didn’t matter. She had won and that was all that mattered. She had beaten the form students. The pundits. The experts and texperts. She’s had similar successes when in Hong Kong and not swanning around the world enjoying her winnings. She’s on a very hot winning streak. She’s also very hot.

During the upcoming new racing season, we’d be having Hannah Butler, our lovely host for the popular Fashionistas competition, try and understand just how much- and how little- many know about horse racing, and hear about their strategies, no matter how weird they are, to win.

Please don’t be alarmed when hearing things like the following: “Don’t the horses get tired running in every race?” “Who designs the jockeys blouses?” “Why do some horses wear big goggles? Are they short sighted?” “Do the jockeys own the horses they ride?” And the favourite one: “How do I win without spending any money?”

But, know what? All these questions and these inquisitive minds will form the next generation of racing fans.

Remember that not everyone are born on farms, don’t come from horse racing families, have never been to a race meeting and have not had Monty Roberts, the Horse Whisperer, explain to them what makes horses special.

We’re all different. We’re each individuals. And if those new to the game are going racing, they’re going on that ride according to their own rules that there are no rules.

Maybe those seasoned horse racing pundits can learn something from them…