You’re new to horse racing. But you’re a regular at a Happy Wednesday at Happy Valley racecourse. You’re there for a fun evening, but over the years have learned a few things about the night’s main attraction: the horse racing. But is it enough to be the Happy Wednesday Racing Guru?

Answer the three questions below and be part of a Lucky Draw where you and three friends can win a dinner and drinks and a night out at Adrenaline on either of these two Happy Wednesdays- September 5 or September 12- that suit you and three friends!

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Deadline for all entries: August 31, 2018

1) Who is Hong Kong’s Champion Jockey?

A) Joao Moreira
B) Ryan Moore
C) Zac Purton

2) Who hosts Happy Wednesday Fashionistas?

A) Hannah English
B) Hannah Schofield
C) Hannah Butler

3) What is the name of the Latino band at the Beer Garden?

A) The Mambo Kings
B) Carnivale
C) Carlos and his Santanas

4) What does a jockey sit on when riding?

A) Saddle
B) Pillow
C) Chair

5) What do you call the person who trains the horses?

A) Boss
B) Trainer
C) Horse Whisperer