By Hans Ebert

For some strange reason, McCartney singing the line, “And I feel like letting go” has been playing in my head for about a week.

One can take this line positively or negatively and it takes a few rounds of mental ping pong to figure it out. There’s the need to go through a process. Perhaps it’s some form of cleansing and not holding onto things because that’s how it’s always been and Change can be difficult. And a little scary. Rather the devil you know and all that. But who wants to dance with the devil? Where’s he taking you? Or maybe he’s a she?

At least over here, it’s come down to letting go. Feeling liberated. Living again. Not being surrounded by negativity and bombarded by past mistakes and feeling the need for forgiveness. And then that line by McCartney plays in your head. There’s more clarity because less is more.

Like the house guest who stayed forever or that inability to face the final curtain, it’s suddenly abundantly clear about simplifying one’s life. Taking back what’s your’s like the ownership of your destiny and letting go of the rest. The rest is like pissing in the wind.

It’s like some musicians and those who dabble in music, but don’t know they’re dabbling because they’re living in this age of entitlement where they expect everything for nothing.

You try to give them a direction and some shelter from the storm through opportunities. But if they don’t grasp these firmly with both hands and see what more they can bring to what is their party, it’s like leading a musician to a gig, but him forgetting what he’s doing there. Well, something like that. But not just musicians, people in general.

There comes a time when there’s the need to cut the cord. Even the umbilical cord. This is when those who were once family are now strangers. It’s not even Phil Collins singing “Separate Lives”. There was some regret and fondness there. But there’s a finality to actually realising that it’s time for letting go. That what close friends have been saying for a number of years was correct. The old train has left the station, and it’s time to look more carefully at those who want to be with you. Until the end.

It’s like friends. Who are real friends and who are “friends”. We all know the answer, but there’s a difficulty in letting go despite there being no trust and knowing all about marriages- and “friendships” of convenience.

As Lennon sang, “I scratch your back/And you knife mine”. But, letting go, you must. If not you become a hoarder. There’s enough clutter in the world. There’s enough clutter running through your head like the One After Nine O Nine.

It’s like flirting. Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it, and so the flirtation period goes on with no thought as to why. Especially when you know that it’s leading nowhere. But you feel obliged to carry on in case you hurt the other person.

And so many of us persist largely because of boredom, guilt, or because we can. But it’s asinine. And selfish. It’s adult games that belong in the sandbox. Maybe we never left that sandbox. Maybe we were too scared about letting go. But letting go of what? Once we come to the realisation that there’s a simple answer, life will be much sweeter. And more simple.

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