By Hans Ebert


It’s still one of the best meeting places in Hong Kong and serves a brilliant lunch buffet that really has something for everyone, but who hijacked what was an entertaining early night out at the Blue Bar of the Four Seasons?

Once upon of maybe 6-7 years ago, a good night out was first spent there listening to singer Genevieve Marentette, below, backed by two musicians versatile enough to create the right vibe of something between Chill Out and Beats Inc over which various songs- some well known, others more outré- were performed.

It wasn’t exactly wildly creative, but it worked for what it was and was a good aperitif before heading out for dinner and then returning for a nightcap where there was usually a chance of meeting someone interesting.

‘Live’ music at the Blue Bar continued over the years with varying degrees of success- there have been some shockingly mediocre vocalists brought in with one from the UK taking the porky pie- before, apparently quite recently, a new brush walked in and cleaned out everything including switching off the mics and amps and moving out the drums.

These Fridays and Saturdays, the music is provided by an earnest looking female DJ almost hidden near the bar area and playing what’s basically contemporary Muzak that tinkers along in the background.

It’s harmless musical puff pastries and okay for a meeting, but who wants to have meetings on a Friday or Saturday night?

The night we were there, the Blue Bar was, well, sparse. My friend had a Caesar Salad, I had two orders of their very good Peking Duck, but left before finishing our dinner. The boredom of sitting there listening to some annoying tinkering in the background and customers who were hardly party people made us beat a hasty exit.

If the wheel ain’t broke why fix it? To prove what? To be different for the sake of being different? And then drive away those who were regulars- high spending regulars?

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