Hong Kong these days is like a pie. It can be divided into many parts, but the problem is that Krusty the Clown seems in charge of distributing the slices.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her brothers and sisters in arms don’t seem bothered by any of this which is setting a dangerous precedent. It’s almost as if the government has taken a Don’t Know, Don’t Care attitude which could have some serious ramifications. It’s not always about photo opportunities.

When generally conservative SCMP columnist Alex Lo known for his criticism of the city’s education system suddenly starts writing about the upcoming World Cup Finals, the coverage of the matches and the games played by PCCW to cheat audiences and links all this with illegal bookies, one can’t help but wonder what’s going on in this city. Is it all falling apart? Hong Kong seems so angry with anything and everything, but mainly itself. Perhaps it’s all to do with the Haves and the Have Nots now being so noticeable and nothing being done to fill the chasm. What this does is create a very divided and suspicious and questioning city.

Five star hotels, for example, better realise very quickly that extremely few in Hong Kong are willing to pay five star prices for average fare, especially when there’s a buffet of choices out there with everyone competing for that same consumer dollar.

Yes, there will be the big functions hosted by the usual local fat cats for their mew mew friends and the expected spillover of tourists from the various exhibitions taking place in Hong Kong, but even these “uplifting moments” cannot quantify the mood of a city that’s somehow lost all sense of reality and just seems frustrated for not being more than it could and should have be.

People make any city and there’s an ugly desperation in many in Hong Kong- people clutching at straws with half baked ideas, others incapable of having a single original thought in their heads and the sad sight of those who still believe that a white skin gives them a passport to behave like goons.

A lady next to me asked that I stop taking pictures of the idiot below. But why? He had created havoc down the length and breadth of Jaffe Road in Wanchai and needed to be subdued. He also needs to be named and shamed and thrown out of Hong Kong. The man is a danger to society.

Hasn’t Wanchai not had enough bad publicity recently to do with expat executives found guilty in some truly gruesome murders that has made the area a leper colony where seemingly the children of Jack The Ripper come out to play?

What’s baffling are the strict immigration laws that stop musicians from the Philippines working in Hong Kong- MUSICIANS- whereas yobbos like the one above get a free pass.

So do those working girls from Eastern Europe. Seeing a loophole in obtaining long term visas to stay in Hong Kong, they go on a “regional tour” after visas end here before returning for another short time Happy Ending. It’s a nice little game.

There’s the added kicker that certain local Daddy Warbucks are willing to marry them and offer these girls an expensive service apartment and some very generous spending money so they can obtain permanent residency. These are usually ten month contracts after which the happy couple go their separate ways. It’s a win win situation for both parties.

Nothing wrong with this. Everybody needs to work and do everything to try and make things work for themselves. But where the Hong Kong government is losing the plot is in ignoring the REAL problems and thinking they don’t exist whereas making life tough for those trying to make a living playing by the rules. And yet, an idiot like this bovver boy below will wake up tomorrow and face another day as an expat on probably expat terms with a bank when he should be turfed out of Hong Kong.

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