If what we hear is true, then luxury brand Cartier were royally screwed recently. To many, especially the real and wannabe local celebs who rocked up to the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt hotel in Hong Kong a week ago for a function to launch the Resonances de Cartier Collection and expecting to see a short and exclusive performance from Bruno Mars, well, they, apparently, were short changed.

Disliking all the iPhones going off with most present wanting to show that they were there and actually saw the Mars man, Bruno, who is known for wearing Cartier items, especially his shades. wanted people to get up and just dance- to party on.

When this didn’t happen, and despite what we hear was a huge appearance fee, he’s said to have stood behind his laptop and tapped on a few keys for his half hour “set”. And then left. In the end, according to some still there, a DJ was hauled in to play Bruno’s greatest hits to a stunned audience and organiser.

What we do know is that Bruno and his posse headed uptown for an after-show party at Dragon-i where there were more of his kinda party peeps.

It was another personal appearance with regulars and irregulars happy to pay a pretty exorbitant entrance fee just to catch a glimpse of the great man and be seen with local trendies.

Funny place Hong Kong.

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