By Hans Ebert

Oh, dear gawd no: Pat Cummings, the HKJC’s Racing Manager of English Communications- or something like that as we don’t quite know what he does and how he ended up in Hong Kong- the ruler of the racing twitterverse and the master of his domain, is apparently saying Adios to his big gig and Hong Kong for greener pastures. Say it ain’t so!

Known to some as Postman Pat, to others as Mr Bubbles, from his arrival in Hong Kong around three years ago, Pat Cummings has always come across as a humble, low key, publicity shy individual and always giving of his precious time.

Let’s never forget that here was the genius behind bringing to the first Hong Kong International Races he was involved with his personal army of American racing “influencers” who tweeted photographs of dim sum, the view from their hotel rooms and shopping along with their rabid excitement to be at the races. For just a while there, Hong Kong racing almost took on an American image. But this was short circuited.

Though hitting a bit of a lull with a thud after that home run other than seen lumbering around the Happy Valley and Shatin racecourses to ensure that everything was running smoothly, Mr Bubbles was almost the invisible man. Recently, however, he suddenly emerged like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes and seemed to be everywhere- interviews on HKJC productions where he was happy to share his vast knowledge about “Charley” and “Aiden” and Godolphin and Coolmore and Dubai form before Hong Kong Champions Day. If there were anymore name droppings it would have been as if attacked by a murder of crows.

His most recent appearance was quite recently where he and Edward Sadler held down the fort during that train wreck of a simulcast from Turffontein and Newmarket where picture and audio from the former track went MIA. It didn’t matter. Mr Bubbles was happy to drone on and on about the discrepancy of odds between Hong Kong and South Africa, threw out his own expert selections that are probably still running, name dropped as is his want, and showed himself to be the charming and caring human being that he is. Obsequious? Never!

If Postman Pat is on his bike, does it really matter? If he is singing Happy Trails, what’s interesting might be where he lands with a thud. We wish him well. It’s been real.

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