By Hans Ebert

See, we’re allowing in so much of everything into our minds that we’ve lost all sense of prioritising what really matters because of this ridiculous need to stay informed 24/7 through social media and 24-hour so-called news channels where the most absorbing programmes have to do with cooking.

It’s why so many have stopped creating. Sure, they doodle on the fringes of creativity, but where’s the beef? Most of the time it’s clutter that’s somehow on our timelines taking up quality time as we check whatever apps are on our “smart phones” to dumb us down even more because, whether we care to admit it or not, many of us are slaves to technology. This can be fought by killing the enemy within and tame bad habits.

For the lunatic fringe, however, who crave fame, time’s ticking ticking ticking into the future while they’re still uploading their cringeworthy self-promoting content proving they’re still not ready for prime time. But the numbers of “likes” or whatever that can be bought say someone “likes” it so it must be alright, yes?

Does anyone tell these lost people that they should find another gig because their careers are not going anywhere? I had a girlfriend who had no bones about doing this. She thought of it as being a good samaritan and saving souls. Bless.

It’s like those contestants on “American Idol” and those stupid enough to watch the show and take it at face value when it’s always been a con. But from being a watchable con during its early years, it’s now all too obvious that when it comes to contestants who are plants and especially the voting, the numbers don’t add up. There’s something transparently wrong with the timing of naming who’s in and who’s out- especially this season. Just as social media is a numbers game, television karaoke competitions like “American Idol” are a ratings game.

Cons are everywhere. It’s like recently being with two girls who are old enough to know better suddenly discovering that both were on Instagram. So began an hour of swapping secrets as to how to get more followers.

I sat there, listened, slowly sipped a camomile tea and didn’t have to wonder for very long why there are so few women out there with substance. And men. Why? They’re all trapped in their own narcissistic worlds with each claiming bigger bragging rights. There’s no room for anything or anyone else.

So there’s a photo of yourself with Bruno Mars or some other celebrity or “rich guy”? And so what? How’s any of this going to move the chess pieces on your board? You’ve just become a fawning sycophant.

Those who don’t live in this world of narcissism and social media addiction, listen, don’t inhale the crap, and shut the door on them and their negative karma and move on.

These lapdogs are a waste of time because they’ve fallen off the precipice and are living in Shadora with the other shadow people. They’ve turned off their minds and have been floating downstream for so long that they’ve drowned in the bullshit of it all. But this is where they choose to be, this is where they have made their bed so let them lie in it. Some of us have taken in way too many strays to jump on the same merry go round again. We’ve taken smart pills.

We’ve also now reached a point where there are three different worlds trying to work out this thing called life.

There’s the world where the Nobody People have given up and only want to glide through for the rest of their lives.

There’s that other world of smoke and mirrors and make believe. And then there’s that other world where there’s still much to do by using one’s god given talents to strive for the best possible of everything and not rely on faking out others and in the end faking out one’s self. It’s about constantly striving to raise the bar. To perhaps even work at being a better person…

Back in the day, this need to live a lie that many are living in the social media world was called having an inferiority complex and a lack of self worth. It’s never been a good place to be. Never ever.

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