It might have not gone according to plan and with no Happy Ever After, but the time spent together when the bells rang out and the music chimed in perfect harmony will always be there.

You were the girl with the missionary shoes, short brown hair and bible rules, and I was the Saint and sinner sent your way.

Messengers have a strange way of appearing when least expected. And so, there we were building an existence in the Lost And Found.

No one else mattered. This was always only our dance- our tango for two with castanets clicking in the background and keeping time as to how long it would all last before melting away. Before fading to black.

Who knows why one does anything and why one allows in the madness and kindness of strangers to lead you down forbidden paths.

But even then, it was always just you and I with the circus and the jugglers and the clowns and the tattooed ladies for company.

I never saw the train heading my way. I never heard the warning signs. Maybe the music was too loud to hear the words saying, “Get away while you can and home is where the heart is even when there’s no direction of home and the heart had lost its way”.

By Hans Ebert