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There used to be a saying, it was: If you want to get something done well, hire a South African, they are the hardest workers. I think of my parents generation this was probably very true. Today’s day and age though?

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There is I guess a global collective attitude of “chill” lately. Putting in less effort is cool, not caring is cool. Honestly its getting slightly ridiculous, what happened to hard work and striving for a dream? It seems like hardly anybody has a dream anymore.

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However, on my recent vacation to Cape Town I have noticed two groups of people who still strive for perfection. Artists and theatre performers. I have spent a lot of time watching and working in the South African theatre scene. Having worked for the largest production company in South Africa I have seen the amount of detail that goes into putting on these world class musicals. South Africa is not just Umoja and the Lion King. We put on truly grand theatre productions that could compete with the likes of Broadway and the West End. It’s not just the production value though, its the performers themselves, they are very hard workers and push their bodies or voices to the limit.





Sadly theatre is becoming a luxury expense that not many feel they can spend on, who knows how long the theatre industry will last here, but that does not take away from the hard work and determination that our local performers have.

In terms of art, it seems that Cape Town especially is overflowing with artists. The very popular First Thursdays which takes place in the heart of Cape Town has an abundance of art galleries showing off local talent. I was blown away by the creativity that I saw. From a painting done completely on a blanket, to a sculpture made out of wires from a piano and 3D art. We truly have world class artists here.

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In my apartment my kitchen is decorated with the art of, “Vespaghetti” also known as Frans Groenewald a hilarious artist who has become extremely popular. He works from a wine farm and you can go into his studio, watch him work and have a chat. Such a unique and homey experience, I was fortunate to meet him myself during a visit to a market at the Lourensford Wine Estate. A down to earth chatty man.




As I have said before Cape Town is a place obsessed and filled with beauty, a beautiful city with people who want to create more beautiful things to fill it with. It is good to see the Arts scene is still well and alive. It has its own vibe here, its creative and unique it doesn’t feel machine made, manufactured just to pump up the numbers. It’s not about that here, its about creativity, individuality and beauty.

Cheers Cape Town! It’s been great.