By Hans Ebert

At a time when a number of products and brands are losing the way and becoming dazed and confused about the most effective ways to use social media as a marketing tool, Hong Kong’s Burger Joys is succeeding wonderfully well while others stumble and trip over each other. Why? There’s no over-thinking and trying to follow some over-intellectualised template based on The Teachings Of Google.

Does Burger Joys use a #hashtag? A number of hashtags? Perhaps. But as a consumer and huge fan of the brand, it comes down to the quality of the product.

Simply put, they’re the best burgers I have tasted. And having worked on the McDonald’s business for over twenty years when in advertising- from Copywriter to Director Of Creative Services- many many burgers have crossed my path around the world. Yes, I am a burger connoisseur.

Burger Joys, like discovering good pommes frites, is a joie de vivre at a time when when simple joys in life are few and far between.

As a business, it’s a huge success- and it’s evolving and expanding with a quiet sense of clever strategic planning.

When Founder Manu Lee, pictured below, mentioned his plan over lunch around two years ago to give Hong Kong the best burgers around, I thought it would be another of those small pop up type small businesses- just another hobby for someone who had inherited a club as part of the family business.

Manu had other ideas. He’s now the face of Burger Joys and with a second outlet opening soon in the fairly new trendy area of Hong Kong that is Sai Ying Pun, the brand is increasing its customer base.

Burger Joys in Wanchai is big business. Very big. Going to Burger Joys is not an after-thought. It’s become something to write into one’s schedule. It’s a planned lunch or dinner. It’s casual haute cuisine. And it’s about extremely smart marketing by ensuring that nothing gets in the way of maintaining the quality of the product.

This results in the best and most effective types of marketing and advertising: word of mouth advertising. Literally.