Well, let me put it this way. Living in Cape Town is like living in paradise, you have the best of both worlds. Beautiful beaches and our magnificent mountains, everything is beautiful, sunsets to die for, exquisite parties every night with only the most beautiful people attending them. You are truly surrounded by beauty all the time.

cape town picture

You almost have a false sense of reality being a Capetonian because it is almost like living in a little paradise bubble. Sure there is crime – this is South Africa after all. And yes we are unfortunately in the middle of a water crisis. However, when you look around on a sunny day you cannot help but have your breath taken away by the sheer beauty that is Cape Town.

Goldfish capture this beautiful side of the Capetonian lifestyle in their music. Every track just takes you back to the amazing beach with a sweet cocktail in your hand. Every track just puts a smile on your face and makes you just happy to be alive!

Electronic beats accompanied by a live double bass, sax and sometimes piano and the occasional jazzy vocals. Goldfish in my opinion are the most unique sound to come out of South Africa.

In a time when all we really had was old school rock, gospel and R&B singers from SA who where sort of making a name for themselves we were starved of something extremely unique. Then out of the blue popped Goldfish! The electronic duo consisting of two jazz musicians Dominic Peters and David Poole. They like to say their music has elements of house, pop, Jazz and African Music.

goldfish guys

From their first album (which was recorded in their bedroom) it has been full steam ahead for Goldfish, often playing resident slots at the most prestigious clubs in Cape Town. Currently they are doing shows at the high profile Shimmy Beach Club.

For New Years Eve I attended their concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens, and though extremely wet due to the much needed rainfall, it was one of my most favourite nights of 2017. I remember saying to my friend, “I feel so excited about being alive right now!” Goldfish create music that just makes you feel that way!

It’s not just the music, the boys really have a flare for performance from running across the stage to play the large white piano, standing on the DJ booth playing the double bass. Or balancing on the very tip of the stage playing the sax. There is always something interesting to watch when it comes to Goldfish.


Calling in my new year with my favourite Goldfish track, “Soundtracks and Comebacks” was the greatest start I could have hoped for for 2018!

Goldfish now tour the world playing the best dance venues but they certainly have not forgotten their home and Capetonians are always excited when Goldfish announce their return. I would honestly call them Cape Town’s music ambassadors, capturing everything that it is to be a Capetonian in just at 3 minute song!