For immediate release
Hong Kong September 15, 2017

“Hans (Ebert) has written songs before but Keep On Moving On is something special as it’s about something close to his heart- keeping things positive in an increasingly negative world.  It was prompted by something he recently wrote about depression in sports, especially horse racing and which could be addressed better.

Myself and others are just happy to come along for the ride and see where it all leads.”

Kat Coetzee



He goes by the name Kel. To those in the know about music in this city, he’s the most improved performer and singer in Hong Kong. A regular fixture now at Adrenaline, the popular venue at Happy Valley racecourse where he has to compete for attention with Jennifer Palor, below, easily the most professional and in-demand vocalist in town, Kel
more than holds his own.

“The whole band that’s come together to play only at Adrenaline is a really tight unit with some excellent and very experienced players,” says Jennifer. “The speed in which Kel, who joined us late only as a replacement, but who’s now a permanent fixture of our lineup, says much about his attitude and commitment to keep improving. He’s no longer only a singer. His guitar playing has improved and he’s become a total performer.”

Kel now has a regular group of fans showing up every Happy Wednesday. And with his first studio recordings about to be launched, the chance to, as one of the original songs says, keep on moving, are more than good.

Both songs were written by music executive and Advisor to the HKJC Hans Ebert and songwriting partner Trevor Carter who’s based in Melbourne. “I really didn’t know there were any songs being written specifically for me,” explains Kel, “but I identified with the positivity of ‘Keep On Moving On’ and recorded the vocals for this and another track- I Can’t Believe- in Hong Kong in a couple of hours.”

While these vocals recorded at Schtung Studios, everything else was recorded, mixed and produced in Melbourne by Trevor Carter. It’s been a real “family project” with the music videos being produced and edited by Kat Coetzee who, with the band Roar, takes centre stage at the Beer Garden in Happy Valley.


What’s next is to get the song and its message out far and wide. The Hong Kong Jockey Club is backing it by promoting Keep On Moving On through all its media channels whereas with an impressive roller deck of contacts from his years in the advertising and music industries, Hans Ebert is playing everything close to his chest. Let the music do the talking and hopefully the public responds positively is all he’s prepared to say for the time being.



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