Wow! What a start to the new Hong Kong racing season- 5 wins in one day for the Magic Man Joao Moreira! How impressive!
To be a jockey, like my Dad was, through my eyes at least, is a very strange profession.

From what I have seen, you wake up every morning at 4 am to work the horses to keep them fit. You probably work out every day, you diet, you have 2 days a week (in Hong Kong) where you compete and race against your peers.

You are surrounded by wealthy horse owners who take you to fancy dinners. You work your ass off to get that win! And sometimes, you don’t get that win. The jockey who lives on the floor above you gets the win. What do you do? In my experience as an observer, they celebrate and congratulate each other. I can remember the fantastic parties held at the home of whoever won the big race of the day.
During my dad’s Silent Witness era- Hong Kong’s champion sprinter- I cannot remember a single quiet weekend. We were always celebrating something.

There is a saying, “Rejoice in the prosperity of others and you too shall prosper.” This most certainly was true in this era of racing that I saw. The jockeys all prospered tremendously and they rejoiced too.

I do not like to talk badly about others, but at times I have found certain music scenes to be rather toxic environments. Some cities have an underground scene who tend to think they are a far bigger deal than they are. This only leads to jealousy, hatred, and other problems.
Once again as an observer, you would expect something like the metal scene to be the most toxic. This is not true! The metal fans and musicians are generally the nicest people and will support each other’s music. Sure at the gig, they may be screaming about hatred and death but I can tell you there is also a lot of love in the air. It’s a very different feeling to the rock and acoustic shows where you feel like the unpopular kid at the cool kid’s party.
As a musician, it is not only important to work hard and become good and always be passionate about your music. You should be supporting the work of others too. Uplift and nurture each other’s talent instead of tearing it down. I repeat, “Rejoice in the prosperity of others and you too shall prosper.”


Billy Joe from Green Day once said in an interview that, “you have far more chance of ‘making it’ if you come from a town where really great bands are coming up because these are the place where the labels go to look for talent.” Therefore you want your fellow musicians to do well!