I have always assumed that I am just a nerd and that is why I don’t have a lot of friends and had a terrible time in school. Fair enough, a loner by nature I do prefer to be alone. But in school, I felt like an alien. Like I was a freak and nobody wanted to be friends with me.


As I have gotten older I have met some incredible people and have made some amazing friends. But I am still by no means the popular girl, at all!
Surfing the internet I came across a picture of Lili Reinhart who plays Betty on the new TV series based on the Archie comics, ‘Riverdale’. I thought, perfect #WomanCrushWednesday. Realizing I hardly knew anything about her I googled her, as we do for everything we don’t understand. What I read, could have been an article about my life.
The now 20-year-old actress is a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health. She has revealed that she would fake being sick to try to get out of school regularly and begged her parents to let her be homeschooled.  She had undiagnosed depression and social anxiety.
Finding school work unstimulating and boring it would drag her into a depressed hole and as a result, she would alienate herself. This eventually lead to extreme panic attacks.
Now, having gone through struggles and therapy, she has a grip on her social anxiety, the depression still rears its ugly head now and then though.  Deciding to be an advocate for mental health she posted a series of motivational tweets helping people with depression. Kind, loving and understanding words the tweets are really helpful and beautiful. However, as always, the idiots out there had to attack her. Saying she was making light of the illness and so on! Always! Always, there has to be those negative creeps out there who have to attack you when you are trying to do something nice.
Well, this sparked a fire in Lili, she replied with very aggressive fuck off tweets.
Reading her story I was stunned and for the first time, I have realized, wow, maybe I’m not actually a freak. Depression is an ugly monster, I am not even ready to even talk about Chester of Linkin Park yet…his death has hit me so hard! It has actually stunned me how hard his death hit. I never met the man (actually he did walk past me at the Grand Hyatt once) yet through his lyrics I felt so connected. The world truly feels like something is missing since his death, his vocals on Numb still blow my mind.
But, back to Lili, she is beautiful, she is strong and she stands up for herself and what she believes in. Not to mention I love the way she plays Betty Cooper she did not let the fans down at all. She deserves to be our #WomanCrushWednesday. She is almost a fairy godmother to those suffering from depression, helping them realize you are not alone and you can get through it. What an amazing woman!