Mong Kok on a Sunday afternoon. Could I be more stupid? Who in their right mind goes to Mong Kok on Sunday? Me that’s who. Determined to buy a certain costume item I decided to brave the crowds and head to Mong Kok.


On my trip, I kept thinking what am I going to blog about tonight? What can I talk about? Well, It turned out that I didn’t need to find something to blog about. It found me. Or more like “they” found me.

Seeing a crowd form around four guys dressed head to toe in black, I was intrigued. One of them was directing the crowd as to how they should stand and was warming them up by getting them to clap.

I was instantly reminded of my time in London and visiting Covent Garden which was populated with buskers and street performers of all types.

There was something different about these guys though. They had a real performance essence to them! I gotta tell ya, it’s damn hard standing in front of a group of people and getting them to not only watch, but to interact with you. The lead dancer had unwavering confidence and was able to control the crowd within seconds.


Then we got to the real act! It wasn’t just your typical B-boy dance. It included acrobatics,too! I was blown away by the first trick done on brick- no mats, nothing. If the dancer fell, he would have been in trouble. Big trouble.


As you will see in the video, they had a wealth of tricks including the final one which had the crowd cheering.

These guys showed strength, agility, and flexibility of a very high standard. They could easily have been on, “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew” or Jennifer Lopez’s new dance show “World Of Dance”.


After their performance, I ran over to them asking for an interview, but sadly they admitted that they didn’t speak much English. So, I had to settle for just an introduction in Chinese.

These guys are really great performers and have stellar confidence. It was a wonderful surprise during my afternoon, and much better than the granny around the corner wailing into a karaoke mic.


You can check these guys out on Facebook- they’re from Taiwan and seem to have done well for themselves winning awards such as:


2016 Volkswagen BeetleDune



2013 Challenge Cup Taiwan Final Tricks&Combo

The list is rather extensive but it is mainly in Chinese you can check it out here:


The fact these guys seemed to put their heart and soul into this one street performance had me impressed. They have an edge to them. Well done Steet B-boys! Keep it up and I hope to

see you again…and on a bigger stage!

Kat Coetzee