“Give me something to believe…”

My name is Kat, I am in my 20s, I have lived in many places and now finally landed in Hong Kong. I have had a great many jobs, holidays, adventures, friends, lovers, animals….yet I am still searching for some form of meaning in life. Through this search I have found a lot of fulfillment in writing music, exploring my spirituality, making amazing friends and connecting with my family. I can say that I do feel lucky that finally, I think, I’m starting to find some balance.

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However, lately, I have been on the receiving end of 2 am messages from my girlfriends saying either, “Yay, the boy I like kissed me” or ” Nooo, the boy I like has not messaged me.”

I have always been someone who has been the hard-arse. I have told my girlfriends straight what I think of their situation. Which as usually lead to fights and spats of not talking but…I have usually been right.

“What it’s like being a girl…”

This kind of behavior you would expect of girls in their teens and their early twenties but some of my friends are in their 30s and this is still happening. Gone are the days of having that perfect high school couple who went on 3 dates then became boyfriend and girlfriend. Then did the uni years and then got married.

“A fantasy kinda love…it’s out there.”

I was flat out shocked the other day when I heard a 16-year-old girl talk about the guy she is “seeing”. At 16 I didn’t know what seeing was. You were either together or you weren’t. That was that.

“Teenagers scare the living shit outta me”

In this new era, nothing is black or white, God forbid you even define someone as a boy or girl. I saw a ridiculous video on YouTube of a feminist stating “genders are growing and changing always”. WHAT! Do you know what a gender is? If I wake up with a penis tomorrow I’m not going to be like, “oh it’s just my ever changing gender.” I’ll be like WHAT THE HELL??? I have nothing against people who want to change their genders or any of that sort, I think each to their own and do what you want…but…be realistic!


Now people even say, “I sexually identify with a tree, or a cloud”…what? I just do not understand this new generation and I’m not even that much older than it to be honest!!!

People seem to love saying how they are, “offended” by this or that. They will proclaim it out loud, post it on facebook, tweet and make sure everybody knows. I still have a lot to learn about life. But…I just feel if you don’t like someone or something…how about…you just don’t interact with it. Don’t give yourself that stress. I have deleted so many Facebook friends because their statuses just upset me. Long rants about,  “This bitch and these are the reasons why I hate her” and usually it only comes down to jealousy. What’s worse is people support these people, “I agree with you babes” “Yeah, she’s a total whore” people egg it on. It’s wrong.


One of the best weekends of my life was when I went to the South African Music Festival, “Rocking the Daisies”. I had never in my life felt more connected to everybody or loved by everybody. I don’t participate in drug use and yet, I was able to feel as if I was back in the 60s, high as a kite, chanting peace and love! People looked out for each other at the festival, helped each other, treated each other like human beings.  I honestly felt so much love and such a strong connection to the other festival goers. I thought hmm…maybe humans can be kind to one another. But, the festival ended and we headed back into town and life went back into fast forward mode.


Fast forward in our world of extreme excess there are far too many options for everybody. So people don’t ever want to make just one choice. When you have the option of 60 chocolate bars you are always going to feel like you are missing out or as the kids say FOMO. So no wonder kids at 16 and probably below are now in “no-strings-attached” relationships. People are only getting married much later in life if they can ever find someone who wants to be exclusive at all.

“Hey, wait, I got a new complaint.”

People say monogamy is not natural and that we should not be linked to one person, but I have seen it mess with people’s heads when they start with this attitude. One person always ends up hurt. Some do this successfully and usually, it is because they have a full a life aside from whoever thing are “seeing”.

I am a full believer in this! I think you have to be fulfilled in your own life first and foremost. Have your own hobbies, your own goals, your own friend’s everything make your life your own. Stop waiting for somebody to come along and make it better for you. Cause chances are nobody is going to come along and just wave a magic wand and make it all better.

Well, that’s just my opinion, as I said I have a lot to learn but, I am just so sick of seeing girls who are almost half people because they haven’t got that prince charming to complete them. You don’t need that prince, sure it would be great to have him. If he comes great if he doesn’t don’t stress.

“I want a Sunday kinda love.”

Surrounded by so many heartbroken girls I just think…in this city, we have so much to keep us busy. Get out there and do something! But, if you can’t…there’s the fool proof cure that is music. You will always find a track that will make you feel better, even for just those 4 minutes. It still amazes me how music can do that and when an artist makes it their intention to help a person through something with their song, I admire them even more. Like Madonna and Justin Timberlake said, “We only got 4 minutes to save the world, Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock”.