Sitting at the Grand Hyatt cafe at 2pm on a Monday afternoon. Feeling slightly lethargic I couldn’t decide what to order to give me a boost. It was a little too late for a strong coffee yet a little too early for a cocktail. That is when one of the brilliant staff members suggested a Grand Hyatt signature health juice.

Intrigued I asked what these juices were? I was fortunate enough to have one of the co-creators of these juices and Assistant Manager of the Grand Cafe Matthew Chiu explain each of these health boosts to me.



First off the Balanced Cleansing:



Made with fresh Chinese pear, ginger, and lemon. The Chinese pear is believed to be very good for the voice. The pear is also light and sweet in taste, this adds a good flavor to the juice. A very popular choice with the ladies or used as an apéritif after a heavy meal and good for the stomach.

It is a very light sweet drink however the ginger gives it a good kick so that it does not become sickly sweet.



Up next the green Jet-Lag Relief. This is commonly served to guests who arrive off a very late or very early flight.  This drink was caringly developed keeping in mind the health and well-being of hotel guests. Matthew spent a lot of time researching super foods that could help guests feel good.

He found that celery is probably one of the best vegetables for the brain to reduce stress levels.  Then the very fashionable vegetable kale was added for it’s energizing capabilities and it’s anti-oxidant properties. Apple and lemon were included to enhance the taste and add some sweetness.


The Energy Boost is a good replacement for a coffee or coca-cola. The main ingredient beetroot has a ton of health perks to it and is a great source of energy. Carrot was added to create a creamy texture to the juice and apple for sweetness. The drink is finished off with ginger which is just all round good for the body in so many ways. A very striking and tasty drink.


Last but not least, The Detox.  Wanting to complete this rainbow collection with an orange drink, Carrot and Apple was an obvious choice. However, Matthew put a twist on this juice with a shot of Wheatgrass! A freshly pressed shot of Wheatgrass is extremely refreshing and healthy. Just one shot is equal to eating a kilo of vegetables. A dash of lemon and you have a very refreshing anti-oxidant drink!


The Grand Hyatt have considered every angle regarding these drinks: taste, benefits, look, and texture. I truly was most impressed with the level of care and commitment devoted to this section of their menu. The Grand Hyatt will be updating their health drinks every season according to new trends and health concerns.

Head to the Grand Hyatt in Wan Chai for a tasty and healthy treat!