A Hong Kong Saturday night, I was sitting at the Ferry Pier watching the boats cross the harbor.  Behind me, the Ferris wheel was making its final rounds and couples were sitting on the benches taking selfies. A man had brought a ukelele to serenade his girlfriend. The atmosphere was rather romantic.


For the first time in a year, I decided to wear some actual heels. The need to be classy had possessed me that night for some reason.


Finally, my friends arrived and it was time to make the pilgrimage to the party district. Our plan was to simply bar hop in Lan Kwai Fong. On route, my friend, a Hong Kong native said, “Oh wait, let me show you guys something.” We entered a little hole in the wall off Ice House Street, a long carpet led up to a hostess guarding the entrance.

What first caught my eye when opening the door was the handle. It was a foxes head in silver, I instantly took a liking to the place.
The hostess informed us that the place was full and we simply would not be able to come in for a drink. Not ones to play by the rules we asked if we could simply look at the venue.

Looking into the packed club from the doorway I felt like I had fallen into the 1920s and Mr. Gatsby had invited us to one of his parties. It was small and just like a speakeasy, however, it was far more charming and glamorous. The decor was clean, classic and beautiful. It was too charming to resist, we took a chance and snuck our way into the very crowded bar area.

The cocktail menu was a beautiful little book filled with creatively named cocktails. Being a lover of bourbon I went for the “New York Sour”. Little did my group know I had picked the best cocktail of the bunch…While our cocktails were being mixed we were notified that a table had just opened up and did we want it? Of course!


We entered the main lounge area, I spotted the modest stage with the gorgeous golden fan behind it. What a glamorous place to play I thought. I assumed that it would only be jazz singers and that sort.

Our table was next to the musician’s table. A beautiful redheaded woman who resembled the pinup era was introduced to me as the singer. She had a floral dress on, sparkly green heels and a huge flower in her hair.

Our drinks arrived, and mine glowed in the dark, which caused my friends to be disappointed that they didn’t order the shiny drink. What a brilliant tasting cocktail it was too: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Lemon, Sugar, Egg White and Claret Float. Beautiful and tasty.


“Kat, the band are going on stage, look!” Sure enough, the singer and her guitarist were headed to the stage. I turned around ready to watch when the manager approached us again.

“One of our tables in front of the stage has opened up. Would you like to move there?” Our night just kept getting better.

 A quick trip to the bathroom before the show started had me in awe…all of a sudden I was on the Titanic. The bathroom is themed as ship cabins. Each with a beautiful vanity mirror set up above each sink. Such a stunning idea!
Back at the table, I watched the band prepare. Just a singer and an acoustic guitarist were on stage, so I started to doubt it being a jazz set. Probably some sleepy chilled out acoustic, I sipped on my drink not expecting much.

“Hello, we are from the UK and this is our first ever gig in Hong Kong,” said the colorful singer. The guitarist strummed and my friends and I started to groove to the beat. What followed was an evening of acoustic covers of EDM, Pop and commercial dance songs. The duo kept the room happy, upbeat and alive. I was very impressed! Not only was the music great to listen to and the singer’s voice brilliant but, something about them kept me captivated. As the night went on my friends socialized with other people and did their own thing. I, however, stayed put. I could not stop watching the duo they were fascinating.
As I mentioned, the singer was a pinup classic, her outfit was colorful and she had a beautiful floral tattoo on her arm. Her guitarist was simply dressed, therefore they complimented each other. Not only that, you could see how much they cared for each other and that they clearly got along. I think with acoustic duos, trusting your partner and having a friendship is vital. They didn’t even need a loop pedal to stay entertaining. They just needed to stand there and play! Once again, proof that simple is always better.
Foxglove is a beautiful magical atmosphere, with well-dressed bartenders showing off their mixing skills, on-the-ball waiters, friendly and fun management and beautiful decor.

I had a gorgeous Gatsby night and would highly recommend it on your Saturday night agenda. I certainly hope that acoustic duo will come back to Hong Kong and play again. They truly are- and have- something special.



Kat Coetzee