By Hans Ebert

When inspiration is in short supply, or has seemingly vanished altogether, it plays mind games with you for the simple reason that there’s nothing going on to kickstart you into doing something. It’s about finding that inspiration and motivation to start something going. But what, Batman, when you’re caught up in Gotham City and even the weathermen don’t know which way the wind blows?


Those days of wanting to do this and that and making plans and thinking, “What if?” are pretty much gone, because most of it was pie in the sky stuff talked about with too much bullshit in the system with those who who wanted to hitch along for a free ride as money was too tight to mention and they had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

These days, I look around and see people I knew, or thought I once knew, in Panic Mode. Behind the laid back exterior is fidgety panic- panic that time’s ticking into the future and the future’s looking bleak. Mainly, however, because at the end of the day, you could be with a hundred people, but deep down you’re on your own. And being on one’s lonesome has its good points, but can also make you both reclusive and removed from reality.

It can also leave you with too much time on your hands and runaway trains changing stations in your head.


You try to sleep, but how can one sleep before it tires you down and then wake up to another day down and nothing to show for it? Again, where’s the motivation and the inspiration to turn things around? Could it really be over?


Relationships are good in that they keep you occupied. Are they great motivators to get out there and create? Sometimes. Most of the time, they’re pleasant distractions. Like having a family. Frankly, walking away from that family often offers you greater freedom to find yourself instead of falling into that existence of being comfortably numb and playing the role that society expects you to play.

Looking back, “Father Knows Best” was a television series that today almost plays like government propaganda and a formula still being repeated today with canned laughter and “television families” marketed to doe-eyed innocence and vacuous minds.


No one said life would be easy, but, no one prepared you for going somewhere but never reaching where you want to get to and be totally happy by being totally honest with yourself. There’s always something missing. There’s always the danger of settling for less. But where is there more?

The answer is to probably getting off your arse, maybe even getting kicked in the head in the process and realising that one needs to swim against the tide and refuse to be another Nowhere Man making all your nowhere plans for nobody. John Lennon might have had his faults, but he was always incredibly honest to himself. So should we.