If schools find it important to teach Algebra, Geography, Math and Science, why isn’t Skin Care a subject too?



You know those mornings where you wake up feeling awful and certain you are getting the flu? Well, the other day I woke up feeling that way. Stumbling into the bathroom I spotted a face mask that I had received as a free gift. Deciding, why not? I tried it on. After 20 minutes and some facial cleansing, I felt like a new person!



We do not seem to take much notice of how the outside world affects our skin. However, we really do need to take preventative measures to look after and maintain it. Not only to age well but for general well being physically and mentally. Most people lead very busy lives without a second to even think. However, dedicating a few extra minutes in the morning or night to some self-care can make the biggest difference to your mentality.


I think Clarins is an amazing Skin Care line. Their products are fantastic, they last a long time and they are plant based. However, not all of us have $1000 to blow on a moisturizer. So in this post, I am going to focus on two Hong Kong Skin Care stores that are very reasonably priced.
TonyMoly and Innisfree.


These two Skin Care houses are currently having fantastic sales. Here are some products I would highly recommend.

1. Innisfree – Capsule Recipe Pack.


These clay style masks come in a variety of recipes that all serve a different purpose. I bought a variety pack of 8 masks for $118. What a pleasure! These types of masks can be used twice a week and are very good for detoxing and purifying. Another frugal aspect, the masks are so thick you could use just half a pot each time.

2. TonyMoly – Black Tea London Classic Emulsion.


Emulsion: is simply put a thinner version of lotion. Lighter products, in general, are good for people with sensitive skin. You are less likely to have a breakout when using thinner products. This Black Tea product is currently on sale for half price! It feels fantastic on the skin and leaves you feeling moisturized for hours.

3. Innisfree – Green Tea Squeeze Mask.



Green Tea is meant to be a great detox! Therefore it makes perfect sense to try a green tea mask! The exciting thing about this product is if you go to the sale this week, they are giving them away for free!! This is a deeply hydrating mask leaving you feeling purified and fresh.

4.  TonyMoly – Prestige Jeu Snail Essence.



It sounds revolting to have snails on your face, I was very hesitant at first. Snail filtrate is packed with fantastic nutrients for the skin, hydrating agents, and anti-aging properties. According to most articles and experts, the snail products are one of the best! This product usually goes for $600 but I got it for half price. The product soaks deeply into the skin and leaves you feeling silky. It is a good investment.

Finally I’d like to give an honorable mention to Laneige.



This is a fantastic beauty store, they take Skin Care very seriously. You have the option when visiting the store, to have your skin tested. Therefore you will know what products would be best for you. I can highly recommend their Lip Mask and their Essence. Both very good and very hydrating products.


By Kat Coetzee