Here are 7 fashion items I have noticed in commercial stores and on the streets of Hong Kong. According to Vouge and Elle they are spring, “must have” items.

1. Bathrobes


Bathrobes were a thing in 2016 and in 2015 however, this is the slouchiest version I have ever seen. I can’t say it is a look I would want to wear in public. Looking around Hong Kong I have seen this a lot, but more the kimono version like this:


I’m sure some people could pull it off, possibly a really high-quality one could look good at the right occasion. Funny enough at the last Happy Wednesday I saw a group of girls wearing robes…but I don’t think they were doing it as a fashion look…I hope not at least.



2. Waist Cinchers


I have seen a lot of these in fashion stores around Hong Kong. With the right outfit, this can look really chic and fashionable. However, I think this item should be left to the pros to wear. It can come off as really messy if done the wrong way with the wrong items.

In the mainstream world, this may be a new trend but in the gothic fashion world, this look has been going on for a long time!



3. The White Shirt Dress:


Again, I have seen quite a few of these for sale. Very much something that can work with a waist cincher.  For summer it is a nice refreshing look and could be matched with a wide range of different clothing items or accessories.

I remember when Taylor Momsen took this look to the extreme.



4. The Single Shoulder Cut Out:


I’ve seen a few items with this look. Honestly, it just looks like the model’s clothes got ripped on their way to the runway. I’m not really a fan of this and I love ripped clothing! I just think it has to be on the right material, it clearly doesn’t work on everything.

5. Seaside Stripes:


This just screams spring and I love it. The look is so fresh and really beautiful. I must admit I have not seen much of this in Hong Kong but I certainly look forward to seeing it. A pretty seaside striped dress our suit would be just the thing to brighten up your spring. They even brightened the weird Sweeney Todd:



6. Head to Toe Florals:


This is probably the most popular trend I have seen all over Hong Kong. Florals are in all of the stores and honestly, I am loving it. There are lots of soft flowy floral dresses that are prefect for spring. You could wear them to any occasion be it smart or casual. The big trend is head to toe florals but I think just one item with florals adds a nice girly touch to an outfit.

7. And finally Saturday Night Fever:


They say the “Saturday Night Fever” look is coming back. I haven’t seen people wearing this but I have seen high-end stores sporting lots of sequins. Does this mean disco is coming back too?