“Chicago 1950, sex had a sound, danger had a rhythm and freedom had a music all its own”


I have a problem…If a man can play the blues well…I just melt.

My obsession at least started in the right place, with Mr. Muddy Waters, after watching Cadillac Records the movie. The music just grabbed me I could not get enough of Muddy and Howlin’ Wolf…Those guys, oh my lord have mercy! I’ve always said I should have been an old blues man…but I’m a young rock girl..what can you do.


I don’t need to go on about how fantastic their music is and how they changed the music scene. You all know this already. So I’m sitting at my dining room table listening to an amazing blues playlist and how did I find this playlist? Through Riverdale.


Riverdale is a live action version of The Archie comics but with a morbid / murder mystery twist to it. It is damn good in my books.  First off I was a huge Archie comics fan as a child thanks to my mother who was a fan before me.  To see these characters I have read about brought to life is so much fun. I really like the series and how they have modernized it and made it relevant to kids today.  With a gripping storyline and really cool music!


I don’t enjoy watching series or movies with friends for one reason. If I hear a song that I like I need to pause what I am watching, find the song and listen to it 10 times. Well, I had so many of those moments during Riverdale. To name a few songs on the soundtrack:

Stepping Stone by Lemaitre – I really like the darkness of this track, the dance beat makes it infectious and sensual. I really like the lyrics it kind of makes me think of an anthem for independent women, “Tripped on my stepping stone, got up and kept on going. Just me traveling alone, in desperation”

Also, Bury by Unions – This song starts really eerie and simple just piano and voice its pretty. Then the singer’s voice reveals it’s extreme beauty. However, it’s the end of the song that really hooked me, the overlays and the strong rhythm is hypnotic.

Then I found the dubstep track – “The River”, by Blues Saraceno & Nicholas Patrick Kingsley . The growly vocals sparked my interest. The intertwined guitar licks and riffs with the synths and dance beat really get you into the groove.

This song came off a compilation of electronic blues music. I fell in love instantly – oh the joys of Spotify.  The song “When the Devil Calls” by Blues Saraceno is a Drumstep track and reminds me of the Gorillaz track, “Fire coming out of a Monkey’s head”. A story about the Devil coming, it is fun and addictive.

However, my favorite track on this playlist would have to be the Nu Disco track “Devils got you beat”. They mixture of violin, dance beat, and synth bass is fantastic! I’m sitting here grooving alone in my chair…could be the music..could be the wine hee hee hee.

So before I knew what was happening a blog that was supposed to be about media news turned into a blog about the blues. Well, electro blues, which I have loved for a long time too. However, now the blues has branched into dubstep and all subgenres how exciting!!


I come from a modern generation, I can’t help but like dance music and this updated version of blues is super cool. However, I will always find myself going back to the original blues tracks, I just can’t help myself. What is it though that made me fall so in love with it?

Blues just is exactly what it is, it does exactly what it wants and the artist are exactly who they are! That’s what I love about blues and rock you are watching the artists be themselves truly.


I spoke to a friend the other night who likes to try put on events showcasing unknown music styles. She told me doing this is not easy as everybody likes to listen to what they know, which is basically top 40s and that it. What a shame there is so much great music out there yet, nobody can be bothered to experience it! I can tell you I think an electronic Blues night would be a hit if people would be brave enough to give it a chance.

I will leave you with one final gem… these boys were a product of Mr. Muddy Waters the Rolling Stones! I am in love with this track of theirs which is just blues and everything sexy that goes along with it!