Ok entertainment seekers. It’s Sunday morning, I’ve got my giant mug of coffee next to me and I’m ready to give you a run down of 7 relatively new things that happened in the music world this week.

I am reporting to you from South Africa – Cape Town.  Went on a little get away before the next string of Happy Wednesday rock shows which start on the 20th of April!


First off:



Calvin Harris just released the tropical, lounge feeling track Heatstroke. The track is a collaboration of Calvin Harris, Young Thug, Pharrell and Ariana Grande. As the name would have you guess it has a beach / island feel. It makes you think of sunsets and cocktails really.

The first few lines of lyrics included the very typical “in da club” which instantly irritated me…i find that such a cop out of a line.


Anyway that aside, its got a really feel good vibe to it. The artists convince you to “have a good time” and “let go” that kind of thing. Its a good track to start an evening off with, I’d expect to hear it in a lot of cocktail lounges an such.


A nice track but really nothing too special…but hey my opinion is biased cause I’m a rock lover… Check out the preview here on Youtube:

Or you can find the whole track on Spotify.



Another new release this week was a Mary J Blige number called “Love Yourself”. I was instantly in love with it. It has that soulful jazzy feel to it and has an awesome message! You see where heatstroke just wants to encourage you to have a few drinks and a have a good time, this song actually inspires you to love yourself. Something that not many people do that they really should. Check out these lyrics in the chorus:

“Oh, you gotta love yourself

If you really wanna be with someone else

You gotta feed yourself

Before you feed somebody else

You gotta stay open, and don’t be foolish

‘Cause everybody don’t mean you well

You gotta love yourself

Before you love somebody else”


It’s a phrase we have been told over and over again but don’t ever really take in. So good on you Miss Mary reminding people of what is really important.

Of course her voice is epic however Kanye West who is most certainly not one of my favourite artists joins her on this song. I was really surprised to find synergy of rap and jazz to be comforting and inspiring.

The song starts with some thick bassy piano and Mary’s voice soaring across it. There is almost a 20s element to it, it should have been on the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Listen to it here: 




So on the Spotify charts the number one song in Hong Kong is “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran. I personally am not a massive Sheeran fan. I respect him as an artist but his music has never really spoken to me…but this song.. I gotta say it’s quite infectious. The first line of lyrics I totally agree with, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover” so from there I got interested. 

The song has a really great groove you can’t help but find yourself swaying a little. Ed’s voice is really cool it has a deep huskiness to it which feels warm. The song itself is sort of romantic and sexy yet fun and dancy. The story is pretty much the perfect fantasy for the modern woman of having a man be in love with your body…who doesn’t want that right? 

Personally the groovy heavy bass line does it for me.  


4. On a really awesome note Billboard this week put Johnny B. Goode at the number 9 chart slot. Honouring the legendary Chuck Berry’s death. This made me happy!!! Ok a little self promotion don’t judge you can check out our Happy Wednesday’s Band tribute to Chuck Berry on the Fast Track Facebook page. I think it’s one of the best rock songs to be honest. I first heard it in Back to the Future like most people in my generation I would imagine. Yet all these years later it still gets people moving and grooving.

CIRCA 1968:  Rock and roll musician Chuck Berry does the splits as he plays his Gibson hollowbody electric guitar in circa 1968. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

CIRCA 1968: Rock and roll musician Chuck Berry does the splits as he plays his Gibson hollowbody electric guitar in circa 1968. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Fun fact – NASA sent a time capsule into space with all sorts of human objects for aliens to one day find and hopefully understand us. One of the object they put in the capsule was a Johnny B. Goode record. So….it was the first song to be release in space I guess.




For all you podcast fans out there I have found a really interesting podcast called, “Lead Singer Syndrome”. It sounds super narcissistic I know. Lead singers talking about themselves whats new right? But being a lead singer I can tell you for a fact we are damn good at talking about ourselves and making it interesting! Heee heee  ..or at least we think so….


This show is cool specially for musicians, to hear stories about what life really is like on the road and all that goes along with it. New lead singers are interviewed every episode by the front man of Silverstein. Check it out here:



Go Go Power Rangers! 

I watched this movie on Friday and it was not a complete disaster. I rather enjoyed it, I watched it in 4DX which made it a lot of fun, moving chairs, flashing lights, wind…however the movie had a habit of every time you would be staring at something intensely water would get sprayed in your eyes….that was annoying. But it was a tonne of fun! Nothing like a good super hero movie. However the more interesting side of this is the Soundtrack. I was first hooked by the trailer which has a slow creepy version of “I Walk the Line” sung by Halsey. 

I seriously love this chicks broken messed up voice. Its a really different version of the country classic and I like it alot!! 

In the movie the blue power ranger says, “I love country music”. I have a feeling that was an ode to one of the producers because there is sooooooo much country music on this album. With tracks by Margaret Lewis, George Strait and “Ring of Fire”. You see what I’m saying…


There is a song I’m super into called “Vibes” by Tove Lo and Joe Janiak. A very sexy romantic sultry song, check it out.  

Finally there is the song that brought me to tears it goes along with a very emotional scene too. Bootstraps do an amazing cover of “Stand By Me”. You really are going to want to check this one out. It pulls on those heart strings and is just beautiful! 



Ok for a bit of fun I had to post about this…it’s just so out there. My 2 most favourite things combined into one. Hard Rock and Disney!! 



Disney released their Metal Disney album. This album has a hard rock / metal all star cast performing under the name “D-Metal Stars” including greats such as: Mike Viscera and John Bruno from Obsession, Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer BJ Zampa! They cover “The Mickey Mouse March” it is simply evil. I LOVE IT!! My most favourite cover though had to be “A Whole New World” Epic classic rock vocals and a shredding guitar solo…wow…A bit of fun but done so well!! 

Well that does it for these 7 pieces of news on a Sunday. Rock on!