By Hans Ebert


There’s something karmic about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature at a time when the world- not just America, but the world- is seeing the all-too-sudden emergence of Donald Trump, Presidential candidate.



Once dismissed as a shuck and jive celebrity and dubious businessman who was never going to get far in American politics, he is still very much here while some have disappeared and others are trying to distance themselves from him. He’s taken over centre stage and is enjoying playing the thug, the schoolyard bully, the narcissist, the menace, liar, cheat, and boastful misogynist and mongrel.




Those fifteen minutes of fame have outstayed their welcome. He definitely won’t win. But this is not to say that he’ll go quietly and return to his corner and be a good boy. This is Rosemary’s Baby rocking the cradle. He’s playing for keeps.


Donald Trump is Dylan’s “Masters Of War”. He’s the opposite of Napoleon in rags with no direction of home because he’s already way down Desolation Row suffering from Tom Thumbs Blues, drowning in those Subterranean Homesick Blues and refusing to understand that the times have changed while turning his back on those back pages and that the answer might have been blowing in the wind. Donald Trump is about Donald Trump and high as a kite on the power he now wields. He’s a racist, but he’s the real Tony Montana.


He’s rewriting the songbooks. America gave him a free pass to spew his vitriol and, most scary of all, with many cheering him on. Donald’s in the basement mixing up the medicine, and Dylan’s lines about “Don’t follow leaders and watch your parking meters” have run out of change.

While all of Thailand mourn and honour and respect the memory of their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadel, America has allowed this clown, this dark prince of everything deplorable to spread his disease of hate and lies and paranoia on television, at rallies, and on social media. The genie is not only out of the bottle, he’s become a pox on all things once held sacred. Clowns have always scared some. Now, a clown is scaring many through fear mongering.


Donald Trump has been allowed to become the anti Christ with his own brainwashed band of lost boys and apprentices blinded by a very dark light of anger and negativity. This is the modern day Pied Piper of Hamlyn, Lennon’s two-faced Sexy Sadie, George Harrison’s Piggies rolled into one despicable human being who has single-handedly detonated that bridge over troubled water.


Right now, I’m watching someone on CNN refer to this goon as an “iconic businessman”, and how he should be admired for bringing about real change. So many television pundits these days, so many analysts, so many wikileaks, so many conspiracy theories swirling around the rise and rise of a character that makes Frank Underwood look malleable. The truth is that Trumpdom is payback for the last eight years of Obama. It is resistance to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and incredible fear and hate for everything she stands for, and not caring that nobody’s right when everybody’s wrong.

The runaway Trump Express cannot be derailed. Donald Trump stands for the pissed off side of America. He’s become the willing poster boy for all the pent up hatred for electing a black man and putting him in the White House. Why is everyone so scared, so polite not to talk about this? Political correctness has gone out the window. It’s a free for all out there.

Years of getting to where we wanted the world to reach has been wiped out in the last few months. Believe it. “Yes We Can” has become “No You Can’t”. There’s no more Oprah and Ellen and Carpool Karaoke showbiz politics. The Dream has become a nightmare. Oprah is in hiding. Ellen is irrelevant. Carpool Karaoke has stalled. No one is listening to DeNiro. That’s just Hollywood tough talk by an old Focker.


What’s happening is the resistance to #BlackLivesMatter. And #AllLivesMatter. If it hasn’t already, whatever “it” is will spill over into streets. It will change music and movies and films, the Kardashians, Yeezy and thinking forever until America regroups and becomes one again. Maybe Donald Trump is Betty with the good hair, Beyoncé?


The Times They Are-A Changing alright, but not the way Dylan saw it. Not the way you and I saw it. These new times are not worth fighting against and living for because everything good about these times has been allowed to get lost in the shuffle. We threw it all away. Once we had mountains in the palm of our hands…

You and I saw it happening and allowed it to happen. We have let ourselves down by letting this oaf in with the shackles off and accountable to no one. How on earth did we get to this tipping point where the ills of America are starting to spread throughout the world. Karma is such an instant thing.