The new Happy Wednesday theme song- “We’re Having A Happy Wednesday”- and accompanying music video get the Full Monty treatment at Happy Valley Racecourse tomorrow night with it being shown on the giant Diamondvision screen and accompanied by plenty of bells and whistles- dancers, models and, we’re guessing whoever feels like getting up onstage at the Beer Garden and showing their moves as to how they’re having a Happy Wednesday.

Written and produced last month in Melbourne by music and marketing executive Hans Ebert and Studio 52, “We’re Having A Happy Wednesday” features the vocal gymnastics of Australian session singer Jimmy Cupples, who’s expected to make an appearance at the Beer Garden in December during the Hong Kong International Jockeys Championship. And having seen and heard him perform ‘live’, Happy Wednesday regulars should be prepared to be blown away. Jimmy Cupples can SING, people.

Blown away

Taking on the vocals of Robert Plant in a Led Zeppelin tribute band is one thing. And which he does superbly. His outstanding originals are another whereas his version of “Rise”, below, is simply outstanding.

Still on the subject of “We’re Having A Happy Wednesday”, experienced and budding DJs should keep their ears open for a Remix Competition involving the track that’s heading your way.