By Hans Ebert

Last Friday at Mongkok Stadium, and on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, two teams took to the field for a charity football match. Sponsored by the HKJC, the idea for the match, which featured jockeys and some legends of the local football world, came from Joao Moreira, pictured below, and for once, not on a horse.

Why not 1

The Magic Man of horse racing has mentioned previously about eventually helping young riders in his home town of São Paulo to get ahead- to do something to help them realise their dreams and give them something he never had when wanting to be jockey. Not even a saddle.

With Hong Kong now his home, with this match, Moreira- and being Brazilian he loves his football- was giving something back to this city.

Why not 2

Why not 3

He should be applauded for his efforts as should everyone who played, supported the event, and all the jockeys who went out of their way to help promote the match. It showed great camaraderie and also said much about them being terrific good sports.

Why not 4

Why not 5

Why not 6

Here’s hoping this charity match becomes an annual event- perhaps even a Happy Wednesday-themed football carnival at Happy Valley? Adding to the atmosphere can be the Latino sounds of Carnivale, the resident band at the Beer Garden featuring South American musicians who love their football, cameo appearances from some well-known local actors and musicians who know how to, well, kick a few balls, and a conga line of activities that will make this event better, bigger and, most important of all, kick a few goals for a great cause. It can also be an event where racing fans can meet their heroes in a different setting.

Why not 7

Perhaps even one day, this match can be part of all the fun and action of Hong Kong International Week? Why not?

Why not 8