By Hans Ebert


The problem with going out in Hong Kong these days is being enveloped and then bludgeoned by the tedious mantra about “He’s making money”, “They’re making money”, “Here’s how to make more money” ad nauseum. It’s like an ABBA song on Repeat on Repeat on Repeat.


Today, while people are going to the polls to vote in the Legislative Council Elections, there’s more than an undercurrent that Hong Kong has some extremely confused people about what’s going on and what their own life plans are. Call it uncertainty, but their priorities are everywhere and nowhere. There’s a lack of focus and direction. And being around their negative energy can sap everything positive about your being.


As for these elections, some say they’ve just voted, but it’s an obvious lie. Ask them for who and they can’t remember. They wouldn’t know the Pan-Democrats and what they stand for from The Donaldo building his wall with his own tiny little hands. It’s all showbiz and it’s all about money, and then making more money, but also trying to make ends meet. And unless born with a silver spoon in your mouth and another one up your rear end, life in Hong Kong is beyond tough. But yet people choose to stay here and whine. They don’t even astral travel. They get second hand news from second hand roses, become lemmings, and are led by the smell and colour of money. It’s sickening to be around as it’s the same old song with no one really telling the truth. The truth is always bent.


At least in Melbourne, from where I recently returned after a prolonged stay, most don’t have the money to whine about. They’re apparently secure with their lot in life. But unless in one’s twenties or thirties and totally enjoying life without a care in the world, the older of the species are busy just surviving, which is another problem, because with this word called “security” comes lethargy and not much of a life, let alone a lifestyle.


Meanwhile in Hong Kong, there’s insecurity bordering on panic about one’s immediate future and creating what is usually a phoney lifestyle that’s to often do with living a lie. THIS is the root of Hong Kong’s problems. Panic. It has many problems, but one can’t fight them all. The one remedy for everything is to find one’s own happiness.


Whether it’s a Fight Or Flee syndrome, many in Hong Kong go into high avoidance whenever this subject is raised: What will really make you happy? It’s like George Castanza’s shrinkage problem. Perhaps few know? Perhaps the question makes some people suffer anxiety attacks? And this nervousness has them deflecting dealing with the problem by nattering on about anything and everything, but, these days, it’s to do with Donald Trump and the American Presidential Elections. But what the hell does any of this have to do with life- your life- in Hong Kong? Who’s winning? Who cares? Jackie Chan is to receive an Honorary Oscar. Why? And did Bruce Lee ever receive an Oscar posthumously? Interesting question, but, in the end, who cares? About anything that doesn’t have a marked bearing on your life and those closest to you, who cares? The rest is all clutter.


Again, it comes down to being selective- about those you want to be with, the person with whom you want to share your life, and knowing when enough is enough. You can’t take it with you, so unless having a family with great expectations that they’re going to inherit a small fortune when you say your Last Goodbye- and if having a family like that, they should be fired-why not simply build on what you have so that you’re financially and emotionally debt free to travel the world and enjoy life? And if without any family albatrosses to weigh you down, travel more, travel in style, burst into “My Way” and screw the rest. As Lennon sang, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”.

I was speaking with a friend the other day who’s been through the wars, won them, and come out on the other side about finally realising and facing mortality. That despite what that horrible song went on about, no, we’re not gonna live forever. We’re all going to bloody die, some sooner than others.


So, instead of wasting time on things and people who have zero bearing on your life and happiness, and instead of trying to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Wolfgang Puck or Li Ka-shing when you know you don’t have a hope in hell, and knowing that you can’t take it with you, but that the banks can, get out there and ask Hong Kong to vote for you- The Happiest Person in a city that gets more and more morose and angry and lost every day. It’s really not a good look.