By Hans Ebert


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, it’s no surprise that Kat Coetzee, below, is as passionate about her craft as father Felix Coetzee is about his.


The latter is a legend of horse racing, one of the great South African jockeys who will forever be associated with champion Hong Kong sprinter Silent Witness and, these days, shares all his experience, by mentoring young apprentices in South Africa and Hong Kong- everyone from Champion South African jockey S’Manga Khumalo to Kei Chiong and Jack Wong.


Kat Coetzee’s fierce determination, like that of her father, is very much to evidence in her belief in Crooked Band, the current incarnation of her pretty outré group, and furthering her considerable talents as a performer. Like father like daughter, but also polar regions apart when it comes to their chosen professions.



With Felix Coetzee, who really has nothing to prove anymore, there’s his ongoing passion for horses, to know more about them, and the determination to be the very best possible mentor for those he devotes his time to bring out the best in them, Kat Coetzee is all about her band. And Crooked Band is very much her band though bands are often looked at as being examples in democracy though we all know that is seldom the case. Every band needs a leader. Kat leads Crooked Band into that Alternative Music world, and presently “resides” in Capetown. This is fine for the moment, but the odds are that it will no doubt outrun the restrictions of that city and the South African music scene very soon.

They’re currently about to enter the studio to lay down tracks for their first release- all originals- to promote their music to as wide a fan base as possible- all original music to showcase both band and their songwriting skills and an energy that recalls Goth and the early days of Grunge and Punk- but with the addition of creative theatrics, something that really needs to be seen ‘live’ and in yer face. Guess Crooked Band avoids comparisons.


Being such a visual act, Crooked Band really needs to play the Beijing Rock Festival- a perfect fit for their music- if the city elders haven’t as yet banned it, Shanghai’s Midi Music Festival, and take in the very diverse and experimental music scenes in Scandinavia. Crooked Band isn’t straight and has to be seen to be believed.


Just like father Felix Coetzee immerses himself in learning about horsemanship from people and events around the world, for Kat Coetzee, there’s the need to take Crooked Band and travel the world and see what adventures and opportunities await- sync deals, sponsorship, being an opening act for a bigger act that attracts the same audience. And there will be plenty of opportunities. Bet on it.