There were three parties at Adrenaline last month before the short Happy Wednesday break. There was the recently-started After Race Party that now starts at 10pm with no admission charges, plus a belated birthday party for the venue’s resident singer Jennifer Palor, definitely Hong Kong’s best and most popular singer.

Winning 1

This girl works hard for the money, she’s the consummate professional and has played a major role in making Adrenaline the hugely popular venue that it’s become.

Winning 2

The biggest party though was for the regular at Adrenaline- a writer and music industry personality well-known to Hong Kong’s jockeys, trainers and racing executive- who hit the Six Up Bonus. For an outlay of less than a thousand dollars, he won just over a cool million.

Winning 3

Things got tense when his winning ticket had one selection in the last two legs- Golden Sleep and Lucky Years.

Winning 4

Thankfully, ridden by Karis Teetan and Joao Moreira, respectively, both delivered whereas we understand the celebrations ended on Saturday.

Winning 5

It starts up again on Wednesday at Adrenaline. And it could well be on a winning note.

Winning 6