Co-mingling or Commingling: Living with a really hot chick.

more than anything

Real meaning: allowing bettors outside a racing jurisdiction to bet into another racing jursidiction’s wagering pool and share in the dividends of that pool if their bet(s) are successful. For example, a bettor in the United States placing an online wager on a race held at Happy Valley in Hong Kong.



Tote: Where you keep your stash.
Marijuana tote

Real meaning : An invention by English-born, Australian inventor Sir George Alfred Julius, this is the large alpha-numeric board seen at race tracks all over the world, which keeps track of bets, percentages and results and calculates payouts.


Favourite Jockey: Tiesto and DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled

Real meaning: Jockeys are the men and women who are licensed and paid to ride the horses in each race.



Favourite Trainers: Nike

Real meaning: The men and women who are licensed to develop and care for each horse during its racing career.

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