It’s a question that’s been going through our heads for quite a while. But so as not to let subjectivity get in the way, we asked regulars of Happy Wednesday at the Beer Garden. Adrenaline and the Gallery, jockeys, trainers, owners and racing fans, and were surprised at some of the names mentioned.


What we couldn’t take seriously is the jockey who told us the person they would most like to bump into at the Beer Garden would be bloodstock agent George Moore, son of champion trainer John Moore.

The Top Ten Plus 1 from our mini research?

Kanye West: Just imagine the subjects we could tackle! The first question would be, what are you going to do to make up for murdering “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and probably followed up by, How many hours do you spend on Twitter and where do you get the ideas for your tweets?

kanye consolation

Leonardo DiCaprio: Certain ladies we know desperately want to see his Oscar. Let’s leave it at that.


Kendall Jenner: Who on earth wouldn’t want to bump into her- anywhere? She’s young, gorgeous and seems refreshingly different to her far more in-your-face siblings.




Gigi Hadid: Model, good friend of Kendall Jenner and equally exquisite.




David Beckham: Imagine being able to kick a ball around the Beer Garden with Becks. Apart from that, who wouldn’t want to meet the world’s most perfect human being?


-David Beckham


The Entire Cast of​​ Zoolander: A Best Blue Steel Face Off at the Beer Garden?


- Zoolander


Adele: Just to hear her say, Hello.




Faye Wong: So she might act like a diva. That’s fine. She’s entitled to. But just one song at Adrenaline would make our year.


faye wong


Chris Rock: Just to have him repeat his Oscar’s monologue onstage at the Beer Garden.


​Heidi Klum: Just to ask her what made her marry Seal. Then, ask her to come up to Adrenaline so we can sit and worship at her feet.

Heidi Klum2

​​Johnny Depp: Just to have him sit in with the band at Adrenaline and play guitar. You didn’t know he played guitar?

Johnny Depp

​David Blaine: We have to wonder…will he be able to turn losing tickets into winning tickets? Will this incredible illusionist and one spooky guy be able to tell the outcome of a race before it’s been run? Will he turn the races upside down? Is he even allowed onto a racetrack?

DAvid Blaine