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Race 1

It will be short, but every Mission is possible for Joao Moreira, and he should win this on- what else?- Mission Possible (5).

Happy Wednesday parade 1

Race 2

Box these four and you will get the Quinella and maybe even the tierce. The sneaky at very good odds could be Animation Master for the very much in-from Brett Prebble-Chris So partnership. Other than Moreira, there’s no one riding better in Hong Kong than Brett Prebble who rode a masterful treble at this same course last Happy Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday parade 2

Race 3

The first leg of the Six Up and where there are usually some shocks, so load up on your choices in this race.

Happy Wednesday parade 3

Race 4

This looks like being a race between Timely Arrived, Formula Galore and maybe Natural Team. Can’t see anything else winning this race. Go as skinny as Kate Moss in this first leg of the Triple Trio where there’s a small jackpot.

Happy Wednesday parade 4

Race 5

This could be the race where the brilliant Ryan Moore finishes all over them on Triumphant Jewel and records the first win in his short riding stint here.

Happy Wednesday parade 5

Race 6

Not as easy as some may have you believe, Batman.

Happy Wednesday parade 6

Race 7

The Japan Racing Association Trophy where Divine Boy will probably be favourite with the Magic Man aboard and very hard to beat. But watch out for Secret Command, which should be at good odds.

Happy Wednesday parade 7

Race 8

A tough end to the night where the last race isn’t usually a Happy Wednesday for favourites. See you at Adrenaline.

Happy Wednesday parade 8

Best Bet
Race 1 – Mission Possible (5)

Next Best
Race 4 – Formula Galore (5)

Race 7 – Secret Command (10)

Happy Wednesday parade 9

Six Up

R3: 4-6-9-12
R4: 5
R5: 1-3
R6: 1-4-7-11
R7: 2-10
R8: 3-4-11-12

Happy Wednesday parade 10

Parting Shot


If one of the twenty- okay, forty- people who watches the HKJC spare-no-money production that is Ready To Win, you’d know by now that following most of the tips shovelled out by the panel of racing pundits could leave you with a huge hole in your pocket, and a migraine listening to that parakeet on Benzedrine, John Blance.

Happy Wednesday parade 12

Tough as it is to do, let’s forget his faux enthusiastic Mambo Number 5 race calling- “And they’re OFF!”- and think of the interviews where enthusiastic young Edward Sadler tries his best to pry information outta uncomfortable looking jockeys. It makes for interesting viewing as they duck and weave and speak in riddles. After all, jockeys can’t tip, so everything said is meaningless.

Happy Wednesday parade 13

Except when interviewing Joao Moreira, who is always happy to say he can win on every horse he rides- and usually does- these interviews are a complete waste of time unless they say things like, “Absolutely zero chance, mate”, or, “It’s been working the house down, it’s looking an absolute treat, and will win with both legs in the air”. But we don’t have the splendid cockeyed optimism of Gai Waterhouse in Hong Kong.

Happy Wednesday parade 14

Our favourite Sadlerism: His interviews with Brett Prebble, who always looks as if he’s under tremendous duress, especially when asked, “Where will your horse be in the running?” Week in and week out, Prebble’s answer is the same: A very tired sounding, “Wherever they’re comfortable.”

Happy Wednesday parade 15

And boys, now that the “feesh and cheeps” running gag has run its course, let’s not wander off into the land of fridges, being “plump” and other inane banter with Amigo Brett and Amigo John talking all over each other. All this does is make the all-business and professional Paul Lally freeze, look awkward, and probably wonder what on earth he’s doing with Barney and Elmo. Goofy stuff. Even for an audience of twenty. Or forty.

Happy Wednesday parade 16

Happy Wednesday parade 11