By Hans Ebert





“Heavy, man.” It’s been said many times along with, “Bummer, man” to express being dumped, being kicked out of a band, being kicked outta home, and just about everything that was, well, “heavy”.

Cheech and Chong smoking weed

But “Heavy, man” was usually saved after inhaling some weed, and hearing a record that made you excuse yourself while you kissed me sky and had no idea if purple haze had you coming up or down other than that girl “put a spell on me”.


Jimi Hendrix

Of course, everyone has had their own Heavy Moments. And as we come to the end of another year- which is also pretty heavy as 2016 looks to be one big bummer waiting to happen- a group of us were sharing our Top Five Heaviest Music Moments last night. I couldn’t quite understand how Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge and Blue Cheer made a friend’s Heavy list, but, like beauty, Heavy is in the befuddled head of the receiver and beholder, and to each their own when it comes to the ultimate dose of heaviness.

My Top Five Heavy Music Moments?

1) Listening to Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for the first time and going back to Camelot, where I met Guinevere, and then making it to the Wild West where I was shot in the back in a poker game. After seeing dinosaurs, while listening to “She’s Leaving Home”, I journeyed back in time to my mother’s womb. There’s no emoji that can capture that Heavy moment in time.

Sgt Peppers record cover

2) Listening to “Whole Lotta Love” with headphones on, and an idiot friend secretly and suddenly cranking up the volume to 10 . Think my brain is still on the ceiling. That was very heavy- the track and having my brains fried.


3) “Are You Experienced” by the Jimi Hendrix Experience- not just for that spaceman guitarist, but for the drumming by Mitch Mitchell. Heavy, man.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

4) The Guitar Duel scene in the movie “Crossroads” between the Devil played by Steve Vai and the character played by Ralph Macchio- heavy casting- miming to the guitar playing of the great Ry Cooder.

5) This incredible mashup of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. And what an amazing video. Doesn’t get much heavier.

Your Heavy Music Moments? Share and share alike? Thanks.