“What are you staring at?” “Excuse me?” “Are you staring at us? We’re Bangladeshis!” “Not at all. We’re not even looking at you.” This was part of a dialogue taking place outside The Kebab House on Cochrane Street between a group of what our newspapers describe these days as “Southeast Asians” and a Western couple who had just walked out of late night club Drop.

If our local constabulary really want to find out the goings on down this street of desperados, they should install some close circuit cameras on the roof of The Kebab House and watch all the African pushers happily going about their business, and the gangs of these “Southeast Asians” suddenly in the news almost every day.

menace 1

Relatively quiet are the stories about “the Mainlanders” and taxi drivers though the latter group remain a menace and a law unto themselves by demanding extra fares to take passengers anywhere. Whatever happened to the law of taking those taxi drivers who pick and choose their passengers- and destinations- straight to the nearest police station?

Über taxi drivers aside, what’s coming through VERY loudly are the stories of gangs of “Southeast Asians”. Recently, two different groups of “Southeast Asians” fought each other with knives outside an MTR station.

Earlier this week, two German tourists were robbed of $300 and assaulted by a “group of Southeast Asians” in broad daylight outside of the infamous Chungking Mansions. Then there’s this new menace: There were those days when females from Scandinavia were hired as architects and urban planners in an outta whack Dubai determined to be the tacky capital of the world, and who were harassed on beaches by “Southeast Asian” construction workers not-so-secretly filming them. This modus operandi is suddenly “trending” in Hong Kong where, especially, Western females are being secretly filmed as they walk through areas like Soho by, yes, gangs of lecherous “Southeast Asians”.

All this does is ruin the good image of the thousands of hard-working Southeast Asians who have made this city their home and become proud Hong Kong Belongers.

Two German tourists attacked and robbed in Tsim Sha Tsui – HKFP

109 people arrested in Lan Kwai Fong after Southeast Asian bouncers allegedly piss off ‘triad leader’ – COCONUTS HONG KONG

These stories about “Southeast Asians” need to be investigated to see how widespread it has become, whether a local triad influence is involved, and then have these troublemakers tarred and feathered and drummed out of Hong Kong. We have enough of problems to deal with without allowing these louts to enter and infiltrate our daily life.

menace 2

And get those close circuit cameras installed on the counters of The Kebab House and see that the African pusher men have hardly packed and left Hong Kong. They remain a menace while doing a roaring trade.

Welcome to the new Hong Kong rapidly coming apart at the seams.

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