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It’s good to see the heat being turned up again on that evil empire known as the Macau Canindrome where, for almost two decades, greyhounds imported from Australia have mysteriously “disappeared” or suffered inhumane living conditions and ultimate deaths.

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Whether this heat will achieve anything is something else altogether as somewhere, somehow, this Canindrome is allowed to carry on regardless despite having been a ghost venue for more than ten years. And losing businesses in Macau being allowed to carry on despite no money coming in- and zero attempts to make the Macau Jockey Club, which, at what one time looked like being a profitable business, allowed to plod along- only means one thing, and why, Macau remains the money laundering capital of the world.

On the subject of the MJC, an eerie silence surrounds the whereabouts of former champion galloper Viva Pataca, which was retired, and then quietly brought back from New Zealand to live out the rest of his life in a stable on Taipa Island at the request of owner and ailing casino magnate Stanley Ho, or those hovering around the one-time dynamic, extremely powerful and charismatic businessman. Watch this all end in tears.