Part-time B Grade actor, singer and full-time quasi-celebrity Michael Wong aka The Wongster is a nice enough guy- someone not really good at anything, but who’s been able to parlay his good looks- though age is quickly making the good times start to sag- into endorsement deals, merchandising and various gigs. The Wongster remains a local tai tai’s wet dream and toy man.


These days, after very serious attempts to be Hong Kong’s Michael Buble, and funding a few records that failed dismally, papa’s got himself a brand new shtick- making absolutely shocking and cheesy videos with equally cheesy, cringeworthy songs where, one supposes, The Wongster attempts to straddle that thin line between parody and reality, something people like William Shatner and David Hasselhoff have been able to do with great aplomb, where they’re so bad, they’re good. Who can ever forget The Hoff’s anthem for all of Germany when the Berlin Wall came down called “Looking For Freedom”?

Has The Wongster managed to pull this off- to have his cheese and eat it, too- or is he and his posse at these stabs at self-effacing humour making absolute twats of themselves? We’re kinda on the embarrassed side of the fence with their results. But, hey, if a good time was had by all, and this isn’t more ponderous Canto Pop, who are we to argue? Watch below and prepare to be- well, we don’t really know. Do you?