The bizarre case of 73-year-old soprano Li Yuanrong having the fear of God and hellfire put into her so that she hurriedly ran around like a headless chicken to transfer $20 million to supposed “phone scammers” with “masterminds from Mainland China” in charge of what is “trending” these days is surely much more than what’s been reported?


Almost all of us receive cold calls these days. One sees a phone number starting with the prefix 3, and we ignore them, though these days, we’re also inundated with phone calls with a 210 prefix trying to sell us something. How and where these people received their databases to pester people is something some government department needs to get to the bottom of quickly as it’s now reached pandemic proportions. So has the amount of spam coming via emails, with, these days, all those wonderful emails about billions in inheritances left by some unheard of generous relative (in Nigeria?), and billions won through some lotto (in Nigeria?) having been eclipsed by an overload of spam from one company in Sri Lanka.

Again, are we meant to keep “unsubscribing” from, but still receiving emails about videos from “Susil Premajuntha” and “Ruwen Wijewardne”? Isn’t it time the Post Master Generals of the world got together and stop this virus- and shame the culprits by telling us what their motives are? At the same time, truth time, people about all those emails suddenly in many Inboxes from hacked online dating site Ashley Madison showing names and photos of its local members, and another similar site with the photograph of a veteran local pop star supposedly “endorsing” his “success rate” by being one of their members?


As for the case of Li Yuanrong, surely there is something far more sinister and targeted going on? Surely only a guilty conscience would make someone not heed the advice of their bankers that they’ve been scammed, and insist on paying off what must be an extremely well-informed group of blackmailers about the very distant past of their targets- and whatever has gone down in Mainland China? The even bigger question is how many of these cases are never reported? From what we know, the blackmailing of Hong Kong’s rich and famous and all the illegal ways they’ve inherited their wealth over decades has become big business to some who might see themselves as Robin Hood type characters. Perhaps they are?