Helene Happy Star

Quartet tipped: Double Bankers: 7-9 Legs: 4-5-8-11-12

Result: 7-11-12-9


Win – $93.5
First 4 – $2,057
Quartet – $57,776

Here’s what he said about $93 winner Helene Super Star:


The John Moore-trained Helene Happy Star has been tipped by many astute judges as being the next Group 1 international galloper from Hong Kong with all systems ready to fire next season. Next season can wait. Today just might be the day when it gives us a soupçon of what it’s all about as it tackles the perfect 2400m of the Group 3 Queen Mother Memorial Cup.

Iron Man Neil “Balls Of Steel” Callan gets the call up for the ride, and with the in-form and competitive Irishman riding the crest of a wave, he should give Helene Happy Star one of his five-star Blazing Speed rides and go close on this one.

Neil Callan making some of the other jocks look like pussies

If he does, he’ll be hoping he retains the ride which he can add to his bulging portfolio. Behind that happy-go-lucky exterior is a savvy businessman/rider who is no one’s fool.


SELECTIONS (7-9)-4-5-8-11-12