Pizza Hut releases the first pizza beer, the Pepperoni Pilsner.

Honda releases the HR-V Selfie Edition car.

Alamo announces a Monster Truck rental program.

Sony launches ‘PlayStation Flow.’

Microsoft launches MS-DOS as a mobile OS

Miz Mooz releases ‘Selfie Shoes.’

Google Japan launches ‘Panda,’ an adorable voice-enabled search product.

Motorola announces wooden and leather selfie sticks.

Google Inbox releases ‘Smartbox,’ a digital mailbox for snail-mail.

Google Fiber launches Dial-Up mode.

Science blog Veritasium claims Earth’s tilt will change, eventually forcing Australia into the Northern Hemisphere by 2055.

Hinge launches an app for toddlers to find playdates.

SAS Airlines introduce space travel.

Razer releases Project McFly, a hovering mouse.

TOMS releases the ActGIVEity Tracker to track daily gives.

Virgin Australia launches an airport lounge for pets.