Just when you think that creativity in the marketing and promotion of racing will always feature some tired logos of horses seen thousands of times before to appeal to the lowest common denominator, or more “fashions on the field” and 30-second “adverts” with ADO effects from the disco days, along comes one piece of communication that stops you in your tracks and makes you go, “Yee Haw!”, “Fantastique!” and “Encore!”


And so it is with this stunning work of art for today’s Le Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe which takes two pretty much tres ordinaire and predictable visuals, and marries them to create something unique, something exciting, and something which says France and horse racing and where one can smell the croissants and hear the thundering hooves.


Where many racing organisations go very wrong is in underestimating the racing fan- the passionate horse loving racing fan- and their need to feel inspired by all forms of communication about their favourite sport- even a press release.

Sadly, often due to a lethal cocktail of fear, ignorance, corporate navel gazing, and, perhaps most importantly, not knowing what exactly is good creativity, those in positions of power and final approval of what goes out, take the safe route and trot out the old, the withered and the rest of grandma’s hand-me-downs from the attic.

Looking at this piece of communication plus the incredible video that makes L’Ecole Militaire come alive with all the excitement and history surrounding The Arc, it shows a client understanding the creative process- and having faith in their creative team by giving them full rein to do what they do best.

At the end of the day, it all combines to make horse racing look as exciting as it is on racecourses- and will be tonight at Longchamp.





Hans Ebert